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The Sunshine Daycare

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saiint's Avatarsaiint
saiint's Avatar
i forgot abt this rp too :((
Saiint | Slowbro enjoyer Slowpokes hoarded: 771 Type race points: 368 Gary loves you
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AvaTheAxolotl's AvatarAvaTheAxolotl
AvaTheAxolotl's Avatar
Maybe someone can remake it?-//
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We'd have to make sure Sunny was ok with that, however (I'd love to if he'd allow us)

Koi | He/Him/They/Them | Minor

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AvaTheAxolotl's AvatarAvaTheAxolotl
AvaTheAxolotl's Avatar
Should I PM Sunny?-//
AvaTheAxolotl's AvatarAvaTheAxolotl
AvaTheAxolotl's Avatar
Ok I’ll PM her!-//
SunshineSunny's AvatarSunshineSunny
SunshineSunny's Avatar
(Please don't use she/her pronouns for me, it makes me very uncomfortable. If you don't want to use he/him pronouns with me, please use they/them pronouns (I don't mind either one) In news of this Roleplay, I am working hard on re-making this into a better one once I start getting motivation. It WILL be different, though--as I have gotten better at lore-building on this "world" I've made.)
My free-to-use bait shop is located Here! Selling shiny/albino pokemon here! Joint shop
Hey, there! We're the Starlight System! Sunny
He/him pronouns
and Maroon
They/them or it/its pronouns
here--happy to help, and just as friendly, too! Feel free to talk with either of us, we don't bite! Just make sure to label who you want to talk with, and we'll get back to you when we can!
AvaTheAxolotl's AvatarAvaTheAxolotl
AvaTheAxolotl's Avatar
Ohh thank you for the clarification! Also sorry about the use of pronouns-//

Pages: 123··· 333435

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