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The Sunshine Daycare

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ArloXoXo's AvatarArloXoXo
ArloXoXo's Avatar
"oh.. hi" he said tiredly trying to keep his eyes open so he didnt fall asleep but still kept nodding off and waking back up "im todd" he said mumbling
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"I'm tired too, haha," Kano was tired-- but he was too tired to sleep, so he just kinda laid down.

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Tired Infinitely; What's sleep?
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Kita & Ultra
Kita walks over to Sylvester, curious. "Do you need some help with anything?" she asks the Syveon. Ultra is still searching for Sunny, unsure what to do until they get back.
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KatAnimates9's AvatarKatAnimates9
KatAnimates9's Avatar
She spun a little and laid down in her little hole in the ground, listening to the area around her calmly.
AvaTheAxolotl's AvatarAvaTheAxolotl
AvaTheAxolotl's Avatar
WOAH! This rp came back from the dead-//
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KatAnimates9's AvatarKatAnimates9
KatAnimates9's Avatar
Yes finally lol//
Kita & Ultra
Kita seems a bit annoyed that Sylvester did not answer her question. The Ralts does not like letting people down, despite her ego. Ultra, seeing no sign of Sunny anywhere, floats back to Kita. The Honedge does not seem pleased.
AvaTheAxolotl's AvatarAvaTheAxolotl
AvaTheAxolotl's Avatar
Idk if you noticed, but this rp is truly dead. The setup thread has been deleted-//
Yeah, sunny kinda forgot about this I think-to be fair so did I--//
(...sorry. I was just trying to make sure the actual RP thread didn't get deleted too.)

Pages: 123··· 32333435

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