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The Sunshine Daycare

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ArloXoXo's AvatarArloXoXo
ArloXoXo's Avatar
todd sat watching the zacian pup and abyss while munching on his berry he went over to vista "hi vista! whos your new friend?" he said inquizitively his mouth still half full
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saiint's Avatarsaiint
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"Hi! This i-is....I dont think they've t-told me the-their name.." Vista said as he turned his body around to grab another berry. "How a-are you today?"
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Sylvester took in what Shay was saying..moderately at least, he happened to marvel at other things as Shaw showed them around. Watching the smaller pokemon run around, he'll have to round them up soon to keep an eye on them. "It's still quite the achivment Shay! You must have your hands quite full with both the young ones and the garden. I'm guessing that's why I'm here. He chuckled softly, curiously grabbing a berry and biting into the rough skin of it..he probably should've asked first. Oops. (finally responded awaaaa)

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Kita & Ultra
Kita has had some rest after a long day, while Ultra floats off in search of Sunny. "Sunny?" they call, floating near Sylvester. "Excuse me, but have you seen Sunny anywhere?" the Honedge asks the Sylveon.
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ArloXoXo's AvatarArloXoXo
ArloXoXo's Avatar
"im good! im excited about all the new people coming! but im kinda tired now after playing so much! i think i might take a nap soon" he said sitting down on the floor near vista
Kano (im not using the fancy o bc i have to copy and paste it lol) said "Hi! I'm Kano!" he exclaimed to the Wooper, "Who are you?"

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AvaTheAxolotl's AvatarAvaTheAxolotl
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"Oh, um..." Abyss said to the Espeon awkwardly. "I'm Abyss. Who might you be?" Abyss was a bit still unsure about this whole "trusting" thing, so during this entire conversation, she was nervously tapping her tail against the floor.
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(Kano is an Eevee lol) "I just came here from Unova! Never really been anywhere, until I came here," Kano, noticing that Abyss was uncomfy, took a step back. "I really like your scarf!"
AvaTheAxolotl's AvatarAvaTheAxolotl
AvaTheAxolotl's Avatar
oops sorry lol-// "Thanks." Abyss tried to smile, noticing how the Eevee noticed that she was uncomfortable, and backed away a bit.
(maybe its cuz of my username?-- idk lolllll happened twice now) -- so are all four of us over here?-- Kano walked over back over to Vista, as he definitley understands not being the most social, and didn't want to linger. (ahhhhh I'm sorry my brain hurts-- and I didnt realize I was refrenced--- so sorry Tiredbean) "Hi! I'm Kano!!" They looked at the charmander, and then ate a berry.

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