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The Sunshine Daycare

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Kita & Ultra
Kita puts her handprint on the labelled paper, but Ultra is a bit concerned. "Excuse me, Sunny. Ultra's a Honedge. They don't exactly have hands," Kita says, with Ultra waving their sash in apparent embarrassment. "Will I have to use my blade or my sash?" the Honedge asks.
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She gave a small nod and put her paw onto the paper, then continuing to sit quietly, awkwardly looking around from time-to-time.
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the snoozing pup, awoke to all the noise and wandered overr to the crowd. he noticed everyone was stamping some paper and he placed his paw in the same spot as everyone else did
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Maxi Male - He/They - Yamper - energetic - Tags: Thai Maxi practcily ran into the daycare as he was greeted by a group of caretakers. he was exited to meet all the other pokemon! then, another - more serious - luxray came into veiw. he scowled ever so slightly at him as he dampened the mood with his insultive comments. soon, he happily stamped his paw onto the slip of paper and decided to hop around before he saw a nervous looking rockruff sitting off to the side. he decided to go over and introduce himself. "hiya! my name's Maxi! or you can call me max if that's too much! although, it's really only a one letter diffrence... anyways, what's yours?" he rambled, exited to meet a (potential) new friend. Blaze Male - He/Him - Litten (shiny) - content - Tags: Casper Blaze creeped into the daycare along with the hoard of other pokemon. he'd decided to bring some of his rocks with him in a pouch, possibly to show the others. after listening to the caretakers instructions, he stuck his paw onto the paper. soon he saw a zacian pup sitting there with stickers stuck to him. he walked to him slowly. "hey, I think you have... stickers on your tail?"
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QUOTE originally posted by bøba-tree

She looked to the energetic Yamper next to her, replying softly, "Oh- hai! I'm Thai, nice to meet you Max." She smiled a little, awkwardly.
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I'm not here. Please. I'm not here. Please, I don't want to be here. I... I- let me go I just want to go- I... Why am I here Why I Kaelin straightened, crimson eyes flickering and unfocused. They took a deep breath. Sighed it out. You'll be fine. You have to be. 'Hello.' 'I'm Kaelin.' 'Nice to... meet you all.' 'I... I guess?' 'No, I meant... hi. Hi.' 'I-I'm Kaelin. Just Kaelin.'

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Spooky swung into the daycare and landed on the head of Solarburn. Spooky then started using his stick to bash Solarburn on the head "Groooook-eey!" Exclaimed Spooky in excitement!
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While Sunny was busy collecting the papers that were signed, at least in print, he smiled and thanked each of them for their cooperation. He smiled and then brought the papers into seperate folders, one for each of the newcomers, and set them into a drawer that was labeled something about the Daycare newcomers but many of the Pokemon, at least the newcomers into the Daycare, couldn't quite read it. Sunny looked at them and then said, "You're free to do whatever you like. Though, please do be warned that at certain points in time, sections of the Daycare will be closed off. To protect you, of course." He smiled and then motioned towards Solarflare. "If you have any questions, please come tell either Solarflare," he motions towards Tera, who was busy cleaning off her wings to really notice she was being motioned towards. Upon realizing that she was, in fact, being motioned towards, she raised a hand up and bowed theatrically towards them, smiling, "or my good friend Tera. They'll be more likely to come help you with anything you need if I'm busy."
Upon realizing that one of the newcomers, a very cool looking legend by the looks of it, seemed to be very nervous, she made it her job to try and help the newcomer relax. So, she trotted over to them and smiled. "Hello, hello! Are you feeling alright?" She asked, her ears pointed back as she looked a bit worried for the legend. She didn't know what was wrong, but she knew that in the past she had nerves similar to this and wanted to help. Her voice, once loud and energetic, turned soft and quiet. She could, of course, be loud but.. she Luxray didn't want to frighten them more than they most likely were. "It's nice to meet you, Kealin. My name is Solarflare."
He growled quietly when he was hit in the head. He glared at the young Grookey and frowned. While his sister was busy trying to calm the overly nervous Articuno, he was stuck with the annoying br- child Grookey. Wonderful. "Why can't you bother someone else, kid?" He glared at the Grookey before sighing. He wasn't ready for this at all.
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'Hello. And, it's Kaelin.' I- 'So... thanks, I'm fine. I just need some... time alone... Stop being so kind to me I don't want it They attempted a smile. Why... why... Kaelin used Reflect. Th-there! I'm safe! Oh... Oh boy. If you offend a Luxray... Luxray have Wild Charge, Thunder Fang, Discharge, plus non-STAB Crunch that can lower Def. You don't want to offend them. But thats why I have Reflect! Wait, Luxray have Psychic Fangs don't they? I don't want my screen broken, I... Wait, what's their held item? Ability I'm assuming is Guts? Um, I- Kaelin unfroze and mumbled, 'I'm sorry... I was just distracted. I'll be civil.' They spotted the Reflect still up and quickly removed it.
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Blaze cautiously stepped into the daycare, taking a moment to scan the area. There were so many different kinds of Pokemon here already! Hopefully she'd be able to make some new friends in this strange new place. The ponyta stood awkwardly, not really sure what she was supposed to do now.
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