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Cheap's shop (S/A, Orders, Dex Trades, Passes renting, buying ZC

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My UFT field is now populated enough so that my trade shop will have stuff in it!


1. Be respectful. 2. Payment for orders will be done upon completion, as Pokefarm rules demand. 3. A reminder will be sent a week after completion, and after two weeks after completion, your order will be up for grabs. 4. For rentals, please send me my item back before reset (0:00 server time) or as soon as you're finished, whichever comes first. 5. My shelter pass ★ is only available after I finished my adopts for the day (this likely means no Shazi day unless it's coupled with Niet) 6. For dex trades, send the pokemon back as soon as you have the entry. Maximum of 15 minutes.

Orders (Paused for Type Race)

I will hunt a pokemon for its shiny/albino variant for you! This can usually take around one day to complete for shinies, and around two days for albinos, though nothing is guaranteed of course. If I don't have the special entry for this order, I will take the first one for myself, so the time may take longer. Priority given to orders in ZC, then GP, then Credits. Maximum of 10 slots. Price is Delta Price (DP). If a particular gender is wanted/required for evolution, it will be multiplied by the likeliness of having one of that gender. For example, Salandit has an 1/8 chance to hatch female and evolve into Salazzle, so it would be 16 DP * 8 = 128 DP.

Current orders

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.

Current Pokemon UFT (Delta Price)

1,280 EHP (empty)

2,560 EHP (empty)

3,840 EHP

5,120 EHP

6,400 EHP

7,680 EHP (empty)

8,960 EHP (empty)

10,240 EHP (empty)

20,480 EHP (empty)

30,720 EHP (empty)

Dex Trades

I've got ~25% of the Kanto dex in shiny/albino form, if you want anything in my fields for a dex trade (the variants are after the S+S fields) just send a PM and I'll send it over as soon as I can. The pricing is 5k credits or equivalent.

Rentals (Paused for Type Race)

Send back the items before reset (0:00 server time) or whenever you're finished, whichever comes first.

Shelter Passes

X: 5k / 5/ 1 ★: 20k / 20/ 4

Egg Supplier Passes

Currently available: 8 Price: 10k / 10/ 2

Currency Exchange (Closed for now)

Looking for Zophan! 9471999 2077

Delta Price reference

Chart by Minjoo!
Egg EXP (S|A|M) Shiny Albino Melan
1,280 4|6|200 20,000 20 4 30 30 6 1mil 1,000 200
2,560 8|12|400 40,000 40 8 60,000 60 12 2mil 2,000 400
3,840 12|18|600 60,000 60 12 90,000 90 18 3mil 3,000 600
5,120 16|24|800 80,000 80 16 120,000 120 24 4mil 4,000 800
6,400 20|30|1,000 100,000 100 20 150,000 150 30 5mil 5,000 1,000
7,680 24|36|1,200 120,000 120 24 180 180 36 6mil 6,000 1,200
8,960 28|42|1,400 140,000 140 28 210,000 210 42 7mil 7,000 1,400
10,240 32|48|1,600 160,000 160 32 240,000 240 48 8mil 8,000 1,600
20,480 64|96|1,800 320,000 320 64 480 480 96 9mil 9,000 1,800
30,720 96|144|2,000 480,000 480 96 720,000 720 144 10mil 10,000 2,000
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Type race icon by LycanKai
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AmpedUmbreon's AvatarAmpedUmbreon
AmpedUmbreon's Avatar
Hi, can you albino hunt 2 Charcadet for me? I'd like a male and female, but I know that's out of your control :)
Cheap's AvatarCheap
Cheap's Avatar
Sure! I just started a Sandshrew hunt, so I will start after that. I already have the dex entry for Ceruledge, but not for Armarouge, so I will be aiming for three in total. Since they're in the 8,960 EHP group, and you want two of them, that would be the equivalent of 84 Delta Points. For the genders, I will give out a male and a female if there's both in any of the three I hatch, but if not and you really want the other gender too there would be a fee (another 42 Delta Points) on top of that, due to me requiring to hunt for another one. If that's okay with you then I will add you to the list right away!
Cheap's AvatarCheap
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Cheap's AvatarCheap
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Meltan's AvatarMeltan
Meltan's Avatar
can i get an adamant shiny slugma 80 gp?? also, do you hunt melans?
Profile by: Bug Husband
Cheap's AvatarCheap
Cheap's Avatar

QUOTE originally posted by Luna Flame

shiny slugma 80 gp?? also, do you hunt melans?
Slugma: Sure! Send a trade with the gp and I'll send one over as soon as I see it. Melan: Not for now, but maybe in the future when I can get some steady Hypermode going and have a more complete dex/Arceus rank
MariaKot's AvatarMariaKot
MariaKot's Avatar
I want to buy shelter pass X for my little sis… I don’t have much CR so can I pay with GP?
Cheap's AvatarCheap
Cheap's Avatar

QUOTE originally posted by MariaKot

I want to buy shelter pass X for my little sis… I don’t have much CR so can I pay with GP?
I'm unfortunately only renting my Shelter Passes, not selling them

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