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Juku's F2U Pixel-Art Tiny Icons (5/5) & SBGIFS (2/5)| CLOSED!

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Juku's AvatarJuku
Juku's Avatar
Gladly, hehe! Thank you for visiting & thank you for the compliment!! ^v^ - Juku

Juku | They / She / He | 22

SunshineSunny's AvatarSunshineSunny
SunshineSunny's Avatar
I'd like a Special Bait, Juku! Username: SunshineSunny Request: Magearna Other: Hi, its me again (wow, how shocking XD). This time for a legend bait that I'm actually going to hunt soon! I can't wait! Great job on all the baits, Juku! You're doing great! :D
My free-to-use bait shop is located Here! Selling shiny/albino pokemon here! Joint shop
Hey, there! We're the Starlight System! Sunny
He/him pronouns
and Maroon
They/them or it/its pronouns
here--happy to help, and just as friendly, too! Feel free to talk with either of us, we don't bite! Just make sure to label who you want to talk with, and we'll get back to you when we can!
Retsky's AvatarRetsky
Retsky's Avatar
I'd like a Special Bait, Juku! Username: Retsky Request: Kenyip Other: your art is super cute! can't wait to see this one (:
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360 *-7hrs Server* *Collecting Rusted S&S 15-22zc* *Buying S/A/M Calm/Gentle/Quiet/Timid/Docile* Please sheck out our new shop!!(: A Traveling Growlithe's Joint Shop >>We have: Summons, S/A (some with high iv's), Special Deltas, 6iv hunts, Shiny Charm Recharge, Z-Crystals, & Megas + Melans Dexing!
Avatar Art Adopt from Exarch, for my use only. TypeRace Team Img by BlackBlood1872, F2U. >>All Teams<<
RunaHaitani's AvatarRunaHaitani
RunaHaitani's Avatar
I'd like a Special Bait, Juku! Username: RunaHaitani Request: Clodsire Other: I'd like to tip you 50 ZC
rosso-cadere's Avatarrosso-cadere
rosso-cadere's Avatar
I'd like a Tiny Icon, Juku! Username: rosso-cadere Request: Team Yell logo,from gen 8 :) Reference: - Other: feel free to decline if their logo is a bit complicated ^_^
avatar by Vandi!
Fujin's Lamp (15 ZC)
Wishing Star(18 ZC)
Juku's AvatarJuku
Juku's Avatar
Sorry, RunaHaitani, but I don't do evolutions!! I do have a Paldean Wooper one, if that works well for you! Everything else will be accepted; gimme one second to add everything to the Queues! Thank you all! ^v^ - Juku
Hii ^^ thank you I'd like a Special Bait, Juku! Username: Moondademondoll Request: Mirrasma
Juku's AvatarJuku
Juku's Avatar
Accepted!! And with that, my SBGIF Queue is full! I've pretty much got the Rookidee & Chinchou ones done; just have to make the Sparkle versions! I should hopefully be open in a day again! ^v^
EDIT: Sorry for the lack of reopening!! I've gotten all of the Alt SBGIFs done; I just haven't gotten around to making the Sparkle versions! If any of you who have placed an order want to use the Alt versions, they're all currently available under their respective sections!! ^v^ - Juku

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