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Rare Shelter Pokemons

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Enbees's AvatarEnbees
Enbees's Avatar
I've never so much as seen a ditto in the shelter, yet last night I found this guy while looking for goomy eggs: Then a few minutes later I found this lady: Super neat!
Current Type Race score = 7110
Saving for star pass!
All art by me.
Tempura778's AvatarTempura778
Tempura778's Avatar
Found this today, right before I got Rus:
Lv. 54 — 8,014 / 9,159
Aspear BerryAspear Berry
Aspear Berry (SOUR)
Cheri BerryAspear Berry
Cheri Berry (SPICY)
Chesto BerryCheri Berry
Chesto Berry (DRY)
Pecha BerryPecha Berry
Pecha Berry (SWEET)
Rawst BerryRawst Berry
Rawst Berry (BITTER)
Sweet food
Happiness 0%
Hasty nature
Second time finding a special in the Shelter, too
The fiery gal and good luck charm: Credit to BlueBlissey for September ‘23 Normal Trophy
i found these two recently while looking for alola mons!!
icon is a commission by lottaIuv92 on twt!
Noise's AvatarNoise
Noise's Avatar
It's a level 100 born on New Year's Day of this year. Pretty cool.
art pfp by the Pokémon Anime
Searenity's AvatarSearenity
Searenity's Avatar
Just found a level 100+ mega Garchomp

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