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OK I have been having some shelter issues recently and IDK if these have always been things but I'm having more trouble the past few weeks. So the shelter says it closes for server reset come back in 5 minutes. Which is fine but I don't remember ever seeing this message until this month's type race and it closes a few minutes before the server resets too so like 23:58 if I wanna grab more eggs I can't and it sucks tbh. In addition I've been hunting Cryogonal for a few months now, it's my 3rd melan hunt so I've been at this for a bit. I can't tell if it's just because I'm the only one breeding it outside of TR but it's taking almost 15 minutes after I release them from the daycare to pop up in my shelter which I have never had an issue with before. It's especially frustrating on these Niet days because half the time I end up with an empty party because I have to just wait around for the eggs to finally appear in my shelter. So did the shelter have changes recently or have I just not run into these issues before because coincidences? Anyone else just sitting around waiting for your eggs? Makes me want daycare changes even more tbh, I just want to play the game dang it, not wait for eggs.
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QUOTE originally posted by ETV331

for the first thing, the shelter has been closing early for a couple of months at least. i hear it was due to a glitch where shelter adopts weren't renewing at reset correctly if you adopted too close to reset itself! it's easier to just code out the ability to access the glitch, rather than trying to dive into the spaghetti code an iron it out. for the second part... idk if it's changed since i was on hiatus but iirc the eggs released to the shelter update every 15-ish minutes, so unfortunately it does take a while to find them after release :( it stops the server from lagging tho! if im remembering right, the times were like... xx:14, xx:27 etc. so you could always try releasing eggs before these times!
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QUOTE originally posted by ETV331

OK I have been having some shelter issues recently and IDK if these have always been things but I'm having more trouble the past few weeks.
Hiya! I'm not sure if this will help you, but I use the black flute in the shelter which repels Pokémon and only shows eggs. When you've got a long chain going, you have up to a 50% chance of your hunted egg, if there is one in the shelter, showing up each refresh! It really cuts down on time spent refreshing, and I hope it can help you.

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