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My Pokemon can't seem to find any Totem Stickers?

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thespotlight's Avatarthespotlight
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I've been going through each of the Totem Pokemon on here trying to get them all and I reached Talonflame but he never seems to come back with any stickers? According to his profile, he has no stickers and what he usually brings back instead are berries or treasures. I even started Scouring another Talonflame that I have but still nothing. While I understand acquiring Totem Stickers is random and based on chance, no matter how many times I scour with Talonflame, I never seem to get any? If it makes a difference, I don't already have Talonflame's Totem Form registered in my dex. Also when Googling this issue I did see other users bring up the same issue as I did but I have no way of viewing those threads as they were deleted. Has Talonflame's Totem form simply not been added yet? Thanks very much to anyone who knows about this.
Gilded's AvatarGilded
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The most recent MCW totem can't find stickers during scouring until the next totem is released and Niet codes the scouring method in ^^ Talonflame is currently the most recent one so you can only get it by using a Super Totem Sticker (Talonflame) until sometime after the MCW this weekend
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thespotlight's Avatarthespotlight
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Thanks very much! That makes sense.

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