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Can someone explain selling pokemon?

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blonderchic's Avatarblonderchic
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I am new to shiny and albino hunting and don't understand how to value them when I need to sell extra ones. can someone educate me?
Depends on the exp needed to hatch that egg. For ex a 10K shiny/albino sells for more than a 3K shiny/albino because it requires more interactions and generally 10K eggs are Dragon types which again are rare and sell for more. Another thing is if that mon is a regular one like pikachu or an exclusives/variant as those are harder to breed so even a 3K exclusives for ex sells for way more than a 3K regular mon will ever do. And of course albinos sell for more than shinies because they give more dp.A 3K albino sells for double the price of a 3K shiny. But the one that sells the mon makes the prices this is what most people follow. You make your own price but keep in mind if you overprice your shiny for ex you might not find someone to buy it so keep this in mind as well.
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blonderchic's Avatarblonderchic
blonderchic's Avatar
thank you. that was very helpful.

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