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Tips for Legendary Hunts?

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Eloquence's AvatarEloquence
Eloquence's Avatar
Calling all Legendary hunters! In the future, I'd like to hunt for a shiny, albino, and/or melanistic Legendary Pokemon, but the task is very daunting. I was wondering if any current/former Legendary hunters could offer advice on one or more of the following topics: - Saving up currency/budgeting for Legendary hunts - Things you wish you knew beforehand - What to expect in terms of time commitment (How long have you spent or how long did you spend on your most recent Legendary hunt?) - Is hunting a Legendary a realistic goal without something like Hypermode? - Should I focus on other goals before Legendary hunting (ex: upgrading my Wishforge, increasing my Trainer Rank, etc.)? If so, how would completing these other goals be beneficial for a future Legendary hunt? Any help on these topics (or whatever else comes to your mind) is appreciated, thank you!
Cryst's AvatarCryst
Cryst's Avatar
I've only done two legend hunts & am actively planning on a third, but here's my input

kinda long!

- focus on wishforge first, absolutely. having wishalloy badges that match the type of the legend you wanna hunt is a nice exp boost. obviously it's a lot of work but i think its definitely worth it! even if you dont want all your badges to be wishalloy, consider doing it for the types of the legends you want to hunt. - also try for arceus rank!! obviously you CAN hatch melans without arceus but seeing as it's a legend hunt, you'll want every boost you can get - budget is something im working on too as someone that doesnt spend money on pfq but try offering things like gem hunts, boxbox hunts, etc for currency; I find that buying summons with zc is best but you'll want to have the zc for hypermode and the ubercharm as well - speaking of hypermode, definitely recommend it as again you'll want every boost you can get for legend hunts. a lot of people are willing to trade their zc so it's not an unrealistic goal for anyone that can't outright buy zc. ubercharm as well. when I was a newbie I did a few hunts without either of those things and let me tell you they were abysmal - i think generally you should be prepared for the longterm ... in my case, I did a Tapu Fini hunt for a day, which only yielded 17 shinies in 310 eggs. i didn't have many summons clearly, can't remember why I did that hunt since it was in 2018 but yeah. my other legend hunt was Cresselia, and I was significantly less prepared for that hunt LOL i only hatched 190 eggs (this was also a one day hunt, in 2020) but i did get a melan! .. and one shiny and 6 albinos. yeah. so um, make sure you have enough summons :') and hunt on a good bonus day! niet + sei for sure - if you're wondering how i hatched so many legend eggs in a day, i used SLEs ! highly recommend. i clicked a lot. please be careful with how much you click btw because being on this site has made my hands hurt oopsies!! but if you want to maximize your eggs during a bonus day then i would recommend investing in several (several) SLEs
currently gathering summons for a Galarian Articuno hunt so wish me luck !! and good luck to you with your future hunts as well :D

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As the self-proclaimed Melan Legend Queen... I got all the tips. Now there are two different routes to take: Buying ZC F2P Truthfully I am not too familiar with F2P. I work a good enough job to have extra money to spend onsite and have lots of expensive items to sell to others as a result. So I'll be going over the first route: Buying ZC. Honestly you don't need Arceus or Wishalloy. Wishalloy is... if you are more so hatching based on clickbacks. Mostly though, you'll be relying heavily on SLEs if you want to hatch all your eggs in a day. Always collect at least 100 summon items of the chosen legend. That is the best way to at least start a chain and keep it going on Sei/Niet days. You are always able to collect more, but 100 is a good starting point to at least have a defined goal in mind so you can track progress without feeling deterred. Now after you have your summons... pick your hunt day. Watch the counters closely. The best day is obviously a Sei/Niet day, as those are your boost days. All the other days are not as helpful to you in terms of getting through eggs. I suggest you choose either a Sei or Niet day, since getting both is pretty rare. Have a set price for collected Summons! Do not feel you have to spend a lot to get your summons! I only overpay if there is a larger amount of collectors, but honestly 15-20zc works for many summons that are easier to obtain. Harder to obtain summons will cost more for sure. Super Lucky Eggs (or SLEs) will be important for these hunts. If you are dedicated, you can easily get 500-600 summons hatched in a day, if not more. (Personal max for me is around 900). SLEs also stack with Niet day! So make sure to use them on Niet days for full effect! Cost wise you will need Hypermode, Ubercharm, Shiny Charms, Albino Radar, and Z Crystals so make sure to account for those. RNG. You need to remember there are never guarantees. Keep small, but easier to maintain goals, as the rates do sometimes get to you. I am currently on month... 6 or 7 of my current legend hunt and 2.7k into it. But in that time I've gotten 3 *other* melans, just not the one I've been wanting most lol. Never be afraid to take a break. Breaks are necessary for anyone. PR sticks are available just for that! But uhh... Stats wise I've gone 1/18 for a melan to... now over 2750 without one. So it can happen whenever. Just have faith and press on, but take care of your mental state and health first and foremost!

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