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TiredBean48's AvatarTiredBean48
TiredBean48's Avatar
gonna hunt paldean wooper or at least for a week but then i have summer break so i wont be on
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ALSO anyone have any thoughts of how they might do Finizen’s form and evo method? 🤔 i can only wonder
i've been gone for awhile so correct me if things have changed but Xerneas is only in "active forme" during battle/sparring right? so maybe Palafin will follow that fate? not sure about evo method though.
its also in that form in the party right? Hmm could be possible!
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Methos's AvatarMethos
Methos's Avatar
I'm going to need hoard fields for Wattrel and Bombirdier. Maybe Espathra and Baxcaliber as well, since their designs are heavily based on dinosaurs. -weeps as credits go down the bottomless field drain again-
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Austro's AvatarAustro
Austro's Avatar
Fire crystals delta points ready for Charcadet feel like the melan will be cool kinda liked a lot of the fire ones so hoping
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h o r i z o n's Avatarh o r i z o n
h o r i z o n's Avatar
Okay so... I have basically all my regular hunts planned. Bold is the hunts I'm going to do out of that wave. Itallic is a maybe. Wooper variant, Tandemaus, Fidough, Smoliv - will be starting with Smoliv because I have a grass crystal going, then switching to a normal crystal for Tandemaus Squawkabilly, Nacli, Annihilape, Charcadet - unsure which would be first Tadbulb, Wattrel, Farigiraf, Maschiff Shroodle, Tauros variant, Bramblin, Toadscool - would probably be starting with Bramblin Klawf, Capscakid, Rellor, Flittle Tinkatink, Wiglett, Bombirdier, Finizen Varoom, Cyclizar, Orthworm, Glimmet - unsure which would be first Greavard, Flamigo, Cetoddle, Kingambit - Greavard first Veluza, Dondozo, Tatsugiri, Frigibax Then depending on how they do the anciet variant things, I might hunt Flutter Mane. I also plan to go back and finish my yarn spider hunt and also probably hunt sprig as well.
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GrackleGray's AvatarGrackleGray
GrackleGray's Avatar
I am absolutely going to be hunting Paldean Wooper once it’s released; I love the lil guy, and Clodsire is very friend-shaped. Might end up with a mini-hoard of them in a field or two, who knows.
I'd really like to hunt Tatsugiri if I can find the time! Maybe for type race in October, when I'll be on Team Dragon. Really hoping the albino/melan colors are different for all three forms like how the shinies are!
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bogchamp's Avatarbogchamp
bogchamp's Avatar
praying for my boy Dondozo to arrive soon...and his lil buddy Tatsu for good measure. as well as Veluza bc i need a shiny knife fish. also hoping we get good special colors for all the fish. dark teal melan dozo would both save my life and doom my wallet <3
RoyaLotad's AvatarRoyaLotad
RoyaLotad's Avatar
My favourite Pokemon the generation (Skeledirge) is luckily already on the site - but rest assured, when Tinkaton and Grafaiai become available, I'm melan hunting them immediately. Grafaiai especially, it just seems like the kind of mon to get a really neat lil' melan.
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drkrogue's Avatardrkrogue
drkrogue's Avatar
I'm really excited to do a Charcadet hunt, as well as hoarding Chest Form Gimmighouls!
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