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Embargo lifted. Tell me your plans!

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Witch0fDoom's AvatarWitch0fDoom
Witch0fDoom's Avatar
So. With the embargo lifted does that mean we can discuss hunting/hoarding plans? Excellent. Tell me yours!! I'm a huge huge huge great tusk fan so I'm going to collect tons of them whenever they get added >w<
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Gumshoe's AvatarGumshoe
Gumshoe's Avatar
I'm extremely looking forward to hunting Glimmet (for Glimmora) and Slither Wing!! And just assembling my final team from Scarlet in general :D edit: oh my gosh, how could I forget Clodsire!!!!! i cant wait to obtain my round friend-shaped friend :D
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Cryst's AvatarCryst
Cryst's Avatar
ooooo i need tinkatink line bc tinkaton is my #1 girlie. excited for charcadet. need to do a shroodle hunt. i played violet so im super excited for the future mons too!! :D

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Mirzam's AvatarMirzam
Mirzam's Avatar
Do I fill a lawn with flamingos? Who gets to be Florida Man??? Hmm Also Flutter Mane might be a fun dojo Pokemon, such weird stats lol
JewelLlama's AvatarJewelLlama
JewelLlama's Avatar
I am looking forward to hunting Tatsugiri! Every colours include specials! They are quite cute little dragons :3
løvvedøg's Avatarløvvedøg
løvvedøg's Avatar
Ooh Tandemaus would be incredibly annoying, but I just love the evolution concept so much. Outside if that I'd have to go with the edgy mons: annihilape, charcadet, MASCHIFF, bramblin, and GREAVARD 😅
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Peckish's AvatarPeckish
Peckish's Avatar
Koraidon, Smoliv, nacli and capsakid are all on my want list. Three segment shiny dudunsparce tho...
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Melan hunting the legends ofc (thats actually more like SUFFERING but yeah) Koraidon first tho <3
you guys can probably figure out at least one of my plans from my current hunt.. but actually i really hope slither wing and the other paradox mons aren’t too hard to hunt and i might hunt Smoliv after the next release… ALSO anyone have any thoughts of how they might do Finizen’s form and evo method? 🤔 i can only wonder also really want Rellor. i will collect all of the bugs AND CAPSAKID theres so many cool new mons gah
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Cryst's AvatarCryst
Cryst's Avatar

QUOTE originally posted by JUSTICEBEETLE

ALSO anyone have any thoughts of how they might do Finizen’s form and evo method? 🤔 i can only wonder
i've been gone for awhile so correct me if things have changed but Xerneas is only in "active forme" during battle/sparring right? so maybe Palafin will follow that fate? not sure about evo method though.

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