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Sprites Lost to Time

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Sandslash666's AvatarSandslash666
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got a couple for you guys x3 first up is a screenshot i took of my 1st spinda specials plus reg all without the spots they have now I kinda miss the ond black on melan spinda made em more panda like also i remeber albino spinda had red swirly eyes as ive named that albino spinda 'Vanilla Ice cream with Strawberry swirls' XD and my second one is my melan mega jumpluff with the old sprite and colours of the mega

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This is an awesome thread!! I just love seeing all these old sprites!! I wish I had some of my own but, sadly, I was never really into dress ups back then. However, I do remember back in November of 2016 I hatched my very 1st Melan, a Melan Pichu and it’s colors looked different than it does today. Back in 2016 Melan Pichu had the same colors as this Melan Flying Pichu (which I obtained shortly after they changed its colors.) I miss Melan Pichu with yellow eyes, it just pops out so much nicer with yellow eyes than it does with those brown eyes…
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CQHerosteve's AvatarCQHerosteve
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I'm glad you have the current dress up for that Pichu, we all know that one day they may be updated, and even though that sprite will stay on the wiki, it'll be a nice reminder of what it once was. And thank you for the kind words. I'm glad this thread has got some attention!
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dumbdog's Avatardumbdog
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QUOTE originally posted by Mystera

A few of my melans have dress-up images from their old colors. They do have sparkly powder obscuring them a bit. ^^; While I kinda miss dark black Alolan Ninetales, the other two have got to be upgrades. Delphox changed a lot.

QUOTE originally posted by Gilded

My starter still has the old mega sprite! I love seeing how the art team has improved over the years :3
i love all these old sprites omg
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just happened to come across this thread and i suddenly remembered taking a screenshot of pokemon sprites from the pokemon list on the pfq wiki. i completely forgot about them until i saw this lol. (i took a screenshot cos i was planning to use them as a reference for making baits for future hunts) so these were from before the june 27 update and i miss the old melanistic colours so much :(


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CQHerosteve's AvatarCQHerosteve
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There are many colors I miss too, but some of the brand new ones also look good. I fell in love with the new Diancie colors, that green is so pretty
Iron Jugulis's AvatarIron Jugulis
Iron Jugulis's Avatar
ehe I love talking about old sprites cuz I have this gal who was my most beloved: He has dress up pic! I rly miss aurorus old colors and especially melans ;(
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QUOTE originally posted by Iron Jugulis

ehe I love talking about old sprites cuz I have this gal who was my most beloved: He has dress up pic! I rly miss aurorus old colors and especially melans ;(
i very much so dislike the new sprites and colors, its nice to see the old version

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