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Hey! I saw a bunch of people trying to make a new region and that's what I'm going to do. **DO NOT CLAIM THESE AS YOUR OWN, THANK YOU VERY MUCH** I will organize this later I promise.


Type: Ghost-Grass Description: Willoweep has wheat-colored willow leaves on its head that resembles hair. Its body is a light green and wheat-colored as well, similar to that of a Frosglass. History: It is said that Willoweep is the departed spirit of a woman who was lost in the woods. These Pokemon are able to bend trees to their will. They make the trees wrap their branches around their victims and then slowly drag them away. They also make weeping sounds in forests, much to hiker's dismay, earning their name. Ability: Rattled Possible Moves: Vine Whip, Sing, Absorb, Mega Drain, Leech Seed, Night Shade, Nightmare, Curse, Giga Drain, Astonish, Magical Leaf, Payback, Revenge, Night Slash, Shadow Claw, Shadow Sneak, Baby-Doll Eyes, Trick Room, Leaf Tornado, Forest's Curse, Grassy Terrain, Play Nice, Tearful Look, Leer, Snarl, Destiny Bond Evolution Line: Willoweep => Unknown?
ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHh All I'm asking for is one. Single. F2U. Tabbed. Forum signature code. IS THAT SO HARD????????????? Okay, so, um, I'm Star, I'm not okay, and AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.

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