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Dumb things you did as a newbie

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Fantasm's AvatarFantasm
Fantasm's Avatar
It was 2016 and I was 18 years old playing Pokemon Y at the time. My starter was a female Fennekin so when my starter on here hatched and it was a male I got so mad I released him and haven't seen him since...where are you my son? Now whenever I see a starter in the shelter I adopt it and keep them safe just in case their original trainer wants them back.
StarlessSky's AvatarStarlessSky
StarlessSky's Avatar
Back when I joined, I was an extreme idiot and thought that each user had a limited supply of berries to feed Pokémon. So I only held eggs.
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ChampionCedar's Avatarhypermode-12.pngChampionCedar
ChampionCedar's Avatar
People from old Pokefarm will remember this one, when I was young and new there I foolishly tried my hand at Safety Matters, watched a 144p youtube video guide which was so bad quality you couldn't make out the hex values, and being like 11 years old at the time and not knowing a thing about programming proceeded to brick 3 party slots with bad eggs. On PFQ, when I first joined back in 2014 I thought adopting pokemon from the shelter to fill the pokedex was a good idea. Took me a few months to realize that I'm now missing a bunch of eggdexes. I stopped adopting pokemon from the shelter after that, unless it's a rare or special pokemon. Another dumb thing I did was when fossils first came to PFQ I thought collecting a finished fossil from the lab would break your shiny chain, so I once had a fossil sitting in the lab collecting dust and over 1 million clicks later before I decided to risk it and take it out, turns out fossils don't break chains when revived.
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Cleffaluv's Avatarhypermode-12.pngCleffaluv
Cleffaluv's Avatar
I was an absolute hooligan in the forums before I knew anything about forum etiquette. Also I used to DM people asking them to click my party T_T Then I went and bought some of every single berry from the market because I thought the garden was my way to mega profits. Also I commissioned art OF MYSELF for a profile picture and took what I thought was the coolest selfie of me ever and I found it recently and ohhhhhh god. I wonder what that poor artist was thinking while she had to pivot from drawing people's sonas and ocs to draw some random 12 year old kid wearing a snapback hat and smouldering into the camera.
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