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Dumb things you did as a newbie

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gastrodon's Avatargastrodon
gastrodon's Avatar
this could be the dumbest thing ever: i didn't know you could click fields. not for like, a day or two. For weeks. Maybe longer. i was so mad i never got pokérus and couldn't figure out why it felt impossible. no idea how i missed this but i distinctly remember how happy i was when i found out you could 😭
PhoenixBirch's AvatarPhoenixBirch
PhoenixBirch's Avatar
I guess more a thing I regret but: for some reason I didn't actually choose the pokemon I actually liked as a starter (rowlet) I chose yamper, still no idea why I didn't choose one I wanted and I still regret it
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Johnlock's AvatarJohnlock
Johnlock's Avatar
newbie here, scrolling through the forum and mentally noting what to stop doing :)
Not sure if this counts 'cus I was on the site for a year atp but there was this event IIRC back when Gen 7 was a new thing. In this event, you could get one of the 3 starters, but it would replace your original starter. I got a Litten. I Wonder Traded for some reason and now that same Litten is on a account that's been inactive for the past seven years. Yeowch!
Nice4.0's AvatarNice4.0
Nice4.0's Avatar
I didn't know shelter passes were a thing until months after I'd played. I've been stuck with a shelter pass C from May 2023 - January 2024 bc I just simply didn't know there were better passes than that. I'd stuck with getting 12 pokemon a day (6 from daycare at the time, 6 from shelter) everyday until my friends found out and told me about the passes. With how grindy this game is, I genuinely thought 12 eggs a day was normal. And honestly, I can't blame past me for that.
Kenz's AvatarKenz
Kenz's Avatar
Not saving my review for the one-year anniversary of me playing the game
Grayrights's AvatarGrayrights
Grayrights's Avatar
I'm in the same boat as many others: a brand-new player reading through this thread for tips on what to avoid doing. Thanks, everyone, for sharing!
Eomchy's AvatarEomchy
Eomchy's Avatar
I'm still a newbie, I just started few days ago, but I literally just realize like 5 minutes ago that I can click my own fields 🐳
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AlastorStar's AvatarAlastorStar
AlastorStar's Avatar
Sandwich Post in the games..
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Mio Xenoblade's AvatarMio Xenoblade
Mio Xenoblade's Avatar
i used to think that, for type race, everyone was always in a team with the same people. like, everyone had the same type order, but they were just put in a random one when they joined and they followed that order. i thought this for an embarrassingly long amount of time. probably because i didn't participate in threads until my fourth race lol
mio is fine too!
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