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Dumb things you did as a newbie

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QUOTE originally posted by GhostPuppy

Anyone have any dumb things they did as new players? i will start! i took EVERY phione out of the shelter cause i thought it was a legendary T-T so many shelter adopts wasted hhhh
You read my mind :D I did the very same, and now I just have 24 phiones all from 2020. Also, I decided to hunt with semi-full boosts for a month (HM, uber, albino radar) and then I left the site like a week later. I missed my b-day bonuses because of this.
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I once asked for an Yveltal breeding pair :>
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I was today years old when I discovered I've been saying a lot of pokemons' names wrong. I thought Skarmory was Skarmony and salandit was sandalit and lunavern was loonivern. I also discovered that ranking up hypermode thing wasn't because of the type race, because for me they both started and ended on the same day and I was like thank you team leader because I thought they purchased something that gives hypermode to random team members.
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asked a staff member for free pokemon because I didnt read the rules ;-;
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I see a lot of people mentioning how they 'wasted' their free week-long hypermode reward, would starting a small shiny hunt and activating it at chain 39 be a good use of it?
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yea thats fine! i would also save the 500gp you get to save for your next month of hypermode C:

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