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Dumb things you did as a newbie

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hayday6's Avatarhayday6
hayday6's Avatar
on the very old pokefarmq if u released your starter it said data lost on your trainer profile card.....so as a newbie i did this on here 2 and.....and lost my starter forever :(
Oh man Where do I even start? I know I started 3 years back but there's a handful of things I've done in some very not so smart ways I used to sell whatever I got from my inventory as I didn't know how to work the market although it's super simple qvq I didn't know anything about forums so I just click and I'm like "Huhhh???" Then got off of them as I was super confused I didn't know that IP was important or clicking so I hardly ever did that unless I was super bored I put my starter in Pokewalker and completely forgot about it, nearly started to bawl when I returned after a year of leaving realizing I lost my starter, accidentally clicked Pokewalker and saw my starter Kai there I was always working on the pokedex rather than eggdex because I didn't think it was too important , so when I got HM boost I didn't know what to do and ended up wasting the entire thing qvq There's so much more I can continue on and on with but those are some of the worse I've done Whatever you do, don't start on here and leave for a year as you'll probably forgot where you left off at qvq
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Althea's AvatarAlthea
Althea's Avatar
I'm reading this as a newbie who in the grand scheme of things has zero idea of what she's actually doing! P
dumbdog's Avatardumbdog
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QUOTE originally posted by Althea

I'm reading this as a newbie who in the grand scheme of things has zero idea of what she's actually doing! P
hope you can learn things not to do then :,D
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Amure's AvatarAmure
Amure's Avatar
I acted like a complete clown in the forums as a kid, and I still cringe to this day at the thought. I think I also used to adopt basically every lv. 100 mon I saw in the Shelter - not because I thought they were rare, but because I simply thought they were "really cool". Also gave every mon the silliest names possible (which I've kept just for fun).
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QUOTE originally posted by Amure

I acted like a complete clown in the forums as a kid, and I still cringe to this day at the thought.
Same!! I regularly get cringe flashbacks to the time someone was looking for egg passes and i offered them a single daycare pass for, like, 40zc.
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rosso-cadere's Avatarrosso-cadere
rosso-cadere's Avatar
probably a lot that i don't remember,but the one thing that i still regret Everyday is releasing my bulb skitty. i think back then i thought all pokémon were the same value,and i didnt like skitty very much (i picked a random starter) so i released it. now it's gone forever lol
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Cryst's AvatarCryst
Cryst's Avatar
i joined pfq on a gem bonus day. i did not know what bonus days were. was very confused when the next day my eggs hatched and only gave me one gem per egg... also i saw people bump their threads on forums so i did too! ...except i did it like every hour!!! it still keeps me up at night.
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Summerstrider's AvatarSummerstrider
Summerstrider's Avatar
I sent trades to completely random people for things like gems and 1. thought it was normal 2. expected them to have the item 3. was dumb in general
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RoyaLotad's AvatarRoyaLotad
RoyaLotad's Avatar
I for a while definitely thought that seeing the "ACCOUNT LOCKED" symbol on somebody's Pokemon meant that the owner's account was banned.
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