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Shadows - A Pokemon Fanfic!

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The story switches characters every few parts, allowing more diverse character development as well as providing the readers knowledge on characters' backstories, thoughts, and actions*

Part 1

The little Deino walked out of his den, ready to take on the world, little basket in hand. But for now, he just had to get some food while his mother and little siblings stayed in the den. "Be careful! There's trainers outside - if they see you, they'll be after you! Remember, being shiny is a curse, not a blessing!" His mother called out behind him. He ignored her. After all, what could go wrong? He travelled about a hundred yards, to the berry trees. He picked off a Aspear berry, and put it into the little basket his mother had made for him. Aspear berries are her favorite, he thought fondly. While lost in thought, he didn't hear the trainer walking up behind him. "Well, well, look what we have here, Flare. This shiny will sell for at least a hundred thousand! We'll be set for life! It's so rare, too!" A young man approached him. He loked behind him - too late. The man was already yelling a move to his partner. "Flare, use Fire Fang!" The Flareon leaped into action, Leaping at him. He barely managed to dodge the attack, and felt a warmth spread across his left side. Did the flames skim me? It doesn't matter, I have to fight now, He thought. He was only level 8 - this Flareon had to be at least level 50! He frantically fired off a dragon breath, hoping for a lucky paralysis that would allow his escape. It had always worked in the past, but he didn't get so lucky this time. "Flareon, Swift!" The man had a great ball ready to throw. He tried to dodge, despite knowing it was no use. The star hit him straight in the chest and sent him flying into a tree. He fell down, but managed to shakily stand up again, staggering. The man threw the great ball, hitting him in the head, and everything went black.

Part 2

He felt his pokeball moving, heard voices of people. Was one his captor? Suddenly, he felt a violent shake as his pokeball was being thron against a wall. He came out, crashing to the floor with a sickening thump. It's so cold, he thought. The only thing that was keeping him from touching the metal floor was little strips of paper. There was paper in his water. Gross, he thought, disgusted. He curled up, shifting his position in the hopes of falling asleep. "Hi! You must be the new pokemon. I've heard about you! I can't believe you're cage is next to mine! I'm Minty, by the way. What's your name?" An albino Sylveon was peeking her head over the wall between them. "My name's Typhon. it's nice to meet you." He replied. "Well, Typhon, you better start drinking. They'll have us fight each other in a few. What's your level?" She asked. "Level 8. Yours?" He replied, "I'm level 25. Most of the pokemon here are around my level. You'll have to start training as soon as you can, because we'll be fighting each other in an hour or so. I'll protect you, so don't worry if you can't manage to level up so much so soon." She smiled. He nodded, grateful for her protection in this dark, damp place. Nothing was around them except for iron walls and their food and water bowls. A couple of Rattata ran around the place, but none where he could reach. How was he going to level up? Who was he going to have to face? He gently put his paws on the top of the narrow enclosure he was in and sniffed the air, tryig to figure out what pokemon were here, and their approximate level. He smelled a shiny Hisuian Typhlosion in the next stall over, but the damp smell of the place made his sense of smell weak, and that was all he could smell. Minty saw him sniffing the air and said, "Deino can't see, right? They use their sense of smell and taste. No wonder you can't tell who's next to us. The Typhlosion is named Chili, and he's higher levelled than most of us. The Arcanine in the stall next to me is Flame - he's an albino. He doesn't really like to fight that much. The pokemon two stalls away from you are twins, so they get a bigger cage. A shiny and albino Pawniard - Sapphire is the shiny, and Quartz is the albino - Sapphire is one of the easiest ones to beat, but Quartz is always around to protect her. I don't know about too many other pokemon here. She whipped her head around at the sound of footsteps. "Quick, get back in your pen! They don't like it when we look at other pokemons' stalls." He put his pawsdown on the metal floor. Some of the tissue paper had gotten into his water bowl, but he was so thirsty he wasn't bothered by it too much. He drank and drank until his thirst was quenched. Then he was lifted up by rough hands ad thrown into a gigantic cage. Is this the fighting arena? he thought, It doesn't smell as bad here - I can smell some of the pokemon already! A shiny Skarmory, an albino Braixen, a shiny Riolu! There were so many new scents! Then he felt a Take Down hit him in the side - a shiny Bagon had hit him! He turned around. It was lower-levelled than him, and he had a supereffective move! He leaped forward and bit the Beldum as hard as he could.


PFP art made by Flyeahfy for my use only.

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