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Am I just unlucky?

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Okay so first of all I apologise if this is somewhere else, I just couldn't find it. But I currently have a chain of 149 while shiny hunting and I haven't been able to hatch a SINGLE shiny yet? Is patience the key or what? Any tips or tricks?
You don't have hypermode, so your chain can only really get to about a 1/400 chance. With patience i'm sure you'll get one eventually! maybe you can borrow someone's shinycharm?
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As a fellow non-HM user, can confirm the odds are about 1/400. Of course that’s not an exact rule it’s just an average. One hunt took me 50 eggs and one hunt took me 800 eggs. But on average you can expect to hatch about 400 to get a shiny.
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I'm personally not to keen on paying to keep my Charms charged, so, I'm hunting without Charm. I mean, I don't need it anyways, because I'm more hunting for Albinos. My longest Hunt for a Shiny was 864 Eggs on Eevee. Maybe thats unlucky or lucky, I don't know.
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On my previous Rowlet hunt I got my FIRST shiny on 400+ eggs So I think it's just a matter of chanse, sometimes it just doesn't work even with HM and all boosts
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I've been hunting Eevees for 500+ and I have two shinies. 149 isn't really considered much-some people have 1,000+ chains and nothing! But...you'll be fine! Just keep work :D Oh yeah, I don't have anything but the Albino/Shiny radar on, so...probably same as you :D Also, not a single albino yet in my 500+ chain T-T
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