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F2P ZC User Complaints + No Money Spending Tips!!!

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JadeJester22's AvatarJadeJester22
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I don't make enough for HM, but I buy some CS mons for my collection and things like Ubers for my more active months by selling box boxes and crystals I dont plan on using (so everything besides normal/steel/psycic).
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hello! i am a free-to-play user on the site and somehow, i managed to get quite a decent amount of zc! (not now tho, i spend almost all of them on legendary seals) i do art! i exchange money, buy legendary seals, hunt box boxes, open them... and maybe you can get goodies like i do earlier - a beast ball! and you can sell them with a high price- 200zc, equals to 10 legendary seals and 50zc! (12?) so, we shouldnt complain about this thing- you can start up a small business by opening and hunting boxes!
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Snow Jewel

Snow Jewel

Forme-Change Item

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A delicate jewel that seems to be frozen.

Sells for 325

Lv. 100 — +3,560,969
Aspear BerryAspear Berry
Aspear Berry (SOUR)
Cheri BerryCheri Berry
Cheri Berry (SPICY)
Chesto BerryChesto Berry
Chesto Berry (DRY)
Pecha BerryPecha Berry
Pecha Berry (SWEET)
Rawst BerryRawst Berry
Rawst Berry (BITTER)
Sour food
Happiness MAX
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Leopardy's AvatarLeopardy
Leopardy's Avatar
Boxes! Like many said, boxes and boxboxes are good ways. Personally I like opening them way to much, so that is something, I don't do myself, to be honest. But it works! If you have some self control xD Registering for Tournaments! Even if you just do it halfhearted, it will earn you 1 to 3 Tokens easily! I always register for Tournaments, even if it is something I can not easily do, like this Tourney at the moment. I will at least get 1 Token. I personally let Tokens accumulate over a few Tourneys and then sell to the User with the "best offer". But you can also sell after every Tourney, that depends on you ^^ Events! Event Tokens are usually also always a good way to earn some ZC by selling them to Users offering ZC. Type Race! You should always do the Type Race! You don't break your Chain, you have an increased Chance on Albinos, which you can sell away, and you can get Z Crystals and Fragments. If you hatch enough eggs, you get enough Fragments for a second Z Crystal, which makes at least 2 Z Crystals with minimum effort! And the Z Crystals sell for ZC relatively easy! MCW and Fab Friday! Always snag your 125 GP on Fab Friday! Always, always, always! Either you save them up for a few weeks and convert the currency in bulk, which I would recommend, or you try to do it every Friday. I mean, I don't convert it personally, because no self control and so much nice things, but it is a way! MCW is 10k Clicks for a Reward. Snag that reward and try to sell it for ZC. If you can't find a ZC Offer, sell it for Credits and convert that sometime later ^^ That's all I could think off right now ^^"
ShadowRotom's AvatarShadowRotom
ShadowRotom's Avatar
I’m a free user and I find it sort of fun to use different resources to optimize what I can get. I can iterate what others here have said, boxes especially are a nice bonus every so often. Little things like utilizing the berry garden and turning them into blocks to sell, making and lending breeding pairs, inventory selling training bags. I’ll list some of the bigger things I do. Since I’m nowhere close to completing my dex, I don’t have the same drive to score highly in tournaments as those trying to maintain Arceus do. I’ve found quite a lot of value in getting the goals for the first couple of tournaments in a season and selling the tokens, either in forums or the market. The first few weeks in a season are highly competitive, as players that didn’t get within the top 100 need lots of tokens to get the new eggdexes, and won’t be able to do this by themselves. The monthly MCWs are also a nice resource. If the result is an item, you can sell the item to collectors. Especially good if it’s a totem forme, since they won’t be available without the item, but are still accessible for for free later through scours. It sounds strange, but having HM can also help. The upfront cost is quite a bit less than it seems on paper, as there are multiple direct and indirect benefits you can use to fund it. There’s the monthly seals+gp you can collect and trade(worth around 145 ZC at current mp) as well as doubled bonuses from FabFriday(up to 25ZC a week). There’s also indirect perks that may be a bit more niche, such as shiny hunting bonuses, discounted gp purchases, and increased image storage(which I especially like for art purposes)
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