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The Ivy Chateau OOC

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The Ivy Chateau

The rumors are true! For our readers who were asking about the action on the guard station off Route 5, it's been renovated and recreated as the Ivy Chateau, a Pokemon Daycare run entirely by Pokemon! Read on to find our exclusive interview with the manager, a Cinccino who can speak in League Sign Language!
The Ivy Chateau is a roleplay environment consisting largely of the day-to-day operations of a Pokemon hotel. While there is an overarching plot and development to the hotel, these updates will take place in roleplay and normally be weeks apart. Characters fall into two categories: Guests and Workers. Guest characters may come and go as they please (making them great for trying out the setting) whereas Worker members are presumed to spend most of their time at the hotel and have regular duties to accomplish.
  • Around the Grounds
  • Related Links
  • Guest Character Form
  • FAQ
Dining Area
Kitchen (EO)
Ketzal's Office (EO)
Exercise Room
Worker Lounge (EO)
Utility Room (EO)
Front Yard
Back Yard
Pasture Greens
Waterlogged Field
Fairy Circle
Why are you in town?
To be developed!
Note: This page is subject to change, and if I'm smart, will. Coding is hard and graphic design is my passion <3
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The Threads

There are currently two threads for the Ivy Chateau! Behind Closed Doors (here) and The Lobby (here)! This is due to the differences in how they're operated.
Behind Closed DoorsThe Lobby
  • Approved Workers/By Invite
  • Events affect the setting of the Chateau
  • Takes place during Chapters
  • More specific formatting and standards
  • Narrative/plot is set by the Chapter
  • Posts move in a circular order, expected posting at least 1/day
  • Free for Any/All
  • Events are for character development/interactions
  • Time is an illusion
  • Just basic PFQ RP rules, though etiquette is always appreciated
  • Narrative/plots are determined by participants
  • Post whenever in whatever order, drop in/drop out at will
Pokemon currently engaged in a piece in Behind Closed Doors can still participate in pieces in The Lobby! Assume anything that happens in The Lobby happens a day (or more) prior to whatever Chapter is currently in progress. If the Pokemon is instead working through their application and interview process, they can still interact in The Lobby as a guest in the meantime!

Chapter Effects

I'll write a better descriptor of what Chapters are when we reach the first one, but for the time being, understand that a Chapter (which is a shorthand way of writing "A chapter in Ivy Chateau's story") is any event that significantly changes the setting while it's in progress or afterwards. These may be milestones, special celebrations, new obstacles, etc. They're big deals. Often these Chapters will be warned in advance; The Lobby is welcomed to take these preparations into account. Many of the more taxing Chapters will see guests and the Ccino workers reacting there, well in advance of the actual event. (Ex. Frappe will not appear in The Lobby at this point, as she has much to do to prepare for Citris's visit - Chapter 1.) tl;dr: The Lobby is always in the past relative to Behind Closed Doors, but that doesn't mean it needs to pretend the Chapter isn't going to happen. It just doesn't directly affect it.

Guest Characters

While you don't need to fill out the guest form to play a character in The Lobby, it sure helps, especially if you plan on having the guest as a long-term or recurring visitor. If you want to suddenly pick up an NPC and just announce a guest in their introductory post, try to include that information in their post so other writers know who they're supposed to be seeing!
Eeveehart's AvatarEeveehart
Eeveehart's Avatar
Name: Juliet Species: Gardevoir(shiny) Pronouns: she/ her Why are you in town? Her trainer is job searching. Likes: Cooking, Reading, surprising people with her reading skills Dislikes: cloudy days
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Essashe's AvatarEssashe
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My présentation

Hey everyone! I'll try this RP. It's like my first Pokémon RP, at the same time of THE RARE BREEDS and Island of Dreams (but they don't seems to be active... 😞). So if I don't do it correctly, please tell me! ^^ (Also, I'm Québécoise, so my first langage is French, so if my syntaxe is not good, please tell me too, thanks! ^^)
Name: Turquoise Species: Trapinch (shiny) Pronouns: Nobody knows. Why are you in town? Aquila and Turquoise are in vacations after a big intervention where they have arrested some members of a secret organisation who is planning to bring back Palkia and Dialga to rewrite the entire world. They took back a strange machine that the grunts stole, so the team have now some personnal individual time where they want in the world. Since Aquila and Turquoise meet the other in Unova, they chose to pass their vacations here, so Aquila can train the new members of the team like she did with Turquoise. Likes/Dislikes: Love flying. Turquoise is the only no-flying-type in the team, but Turquoise is the favorite of Aquila no matter what. Plus it's her first Pokémon! Aquila had adopted Turquoise because it was rejected because of it's colour. Aquila works with Turquoise to teach it that if you are different, you can only be better than the others. Not weaker. Turquoise isn't always confiant with the color of his body, but Aquila want that Turquoise be proud of it's colour, and this is why she called it Turquoise! Dislike people who want to take over the world (but they taste ok...). Turquoise love to bite people that are mean with their friends. Some people says that the favorite move of Turquoise is Crunch, but it's only because they saw it in combat against bad humans.
nanamou's Avatarnanamou
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Name: Aster Species: Espeon Pronouns: They/Them Why are you in town? They live in the wild not far from the daycare. The renovations were really noisy for them to not notice and they took an interest once they noticed it was done. Likes: Light rain, slightly cloudy days, wind, plants, sweets, spicy food Dislikes: Heavy rain, too much heat, memorizing things, too much socializing, ants, bitter food first time rping in a while, hope I don't do anything wrong ._. p.s. aster has kind of bad memory, so that's why they don't like needing to memorize or remember things
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Ketzal's AvatarKetzal
Ketzal's Avatar
Everyone sounds great! I don't intend to make anyone wait for confirmation to join The Lobby provided we're all writing in good faith (just for future information) so yeah, everyone's good to go! Now that we have three guests around I'll probably have the mice on mute, so feel free to PM me if you need one of them/an NPC guest to interact with. I don't mind of course, but the hope is that The Lobby is somewhat self-sustaining most of the time.
SunshineSunny's AvatarSunshineSunny
SunshineSunny's Avatar
Name: Mari Species: Joltik Pronouns: She/her & they/them (she has no preference!) Why are you in town? She heard of the hotel from her friend Vale who works there and wanted to see what was going on. Likes/Dislikes: She likes sewing and watching Vale struggle to make any sort of clothing (as friends do, of course) she also enjoys the sunset and listening to her trainer talk. She dislikes being told what to do, mainly if that includes not being able to talk to her friends. She also dislikes sudden noises and loud yelling.
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Ketzal's AvatarKetzal
Ketzal's Avatar
I've been wandering the forums here and there to check my work and verify some things, so I figured I'd put together a shortlist of relevant rules and some notes. Don't take this as gospel, the only part of this I'm actually asking you to obey are the forum rules themselves - the variety in everyone's style is actually really cool to see and I don't want anyone adopting mine because they think I'd prefer that. I'm putting my experiences and my thoughts here because this is my first roleplay on this forum and I don't see a general advice thread yet, so anyone in a similar spot (or new to roleplay in general!) may hopefully find something useful here. If you all have your own tips or tricks you'd like to add, feel free to post them in response! And remember, the rules for the site in general I put here aren't all the rules. Just the ones I expect to have to remind myself of. Hopefully everyone's read through them already, if not, they're here.
  • RP-related Forum Rules
  • Making a Post
  • Etiquette

Rule 1: Content Level – Keep it PG

Rule 1, Section A:
Acronyms that are generally accepted to include common swears, vulgarity, or other inappropriate language are not allowed, including using asterisks or other methods to "censor" them.

Rule 11: Multi-Posting

Rule 11 and an exception: Multi-posting (or most commonly, "double-posting") refers to posting multiple times in a thread without waiting for another player to post in between. In the upper right corner of your posts, you will find an Edit Post option. Please edit your posts to contain any additional information rather than posting a second time in a row.

Exception 1: A period of time has passed without another player posting in the thread. See Rule 12: Thread Bumping for the appropriate times.

RP-Specific Rules

RP Rules [Other/Pokemon] U Rated: (All of this is very relevant, definitely worth reviewing.)
There are a lot of ways to write a post! None are wrong, but there are some keys things you want in a post to make sure it's something other people want to interact with.
  • Any post should have both a response and a call. The response portion of a post acknowledges other posts before yours; it helps other writers know that your character is paying attention to theirs and makes your character feel like part of the scene. Then the call portion is the action they take that grabs other characters' attention. Dialogue is a really common one, but nearly anything can work. It boils down to this: Awareness/reaction to stimuli is a requirement to be called a living being, and if the character doesn't want to interact with anyone, they probably won't be interacted with. There can be more than just these parts, but it's hard to write with less.
  • Tenses! Roleplay is normally conducted in either past or present tense. Either's fine as long as it's uniform - so you're probably only going to see present tense here.
  • Length! While you shouldn't feel forced to write an essay after each post, one of the worst things you can do to someone is hit them with a one-line reply. We all have different preferences for how much to write, but when you're working in a forum, it tends towards long-form. Responses tend towards paragraph-length on the average, especially because each post responds to a post of similar length.
As I've said, I don't want to micromanage everyone's posting in The Lobby. I don't really intend to do it in BCD either, but it does have a little higher bar of entry. This means that, with everyone writing together without oversight, there has to be the mutual goal of creating a comfortable and enjoyable atmosphere to write in, and the best way to do that is to respect each other. Here I'll throw in some things I've picked up from other forums I've participated in, and set some worst-case scenario rules.
  • First and foremost, I'll hit the turn order/speed. In The Lobby, there is not a dedicated turn order. I would ask that writers allow two other writers' posts between the one they're responding to, so that one group doesn't speed through another and bury their posts, but if more than two days pass without that requirement being fulfilled you're free to respond. In keeping with the double-posting rule we can't reply to ourselves; if things have gone completely dead and I need to post PM me. I'll be reading along, but I may not notice things like that.
  • Groups! If you would like to make obvious the fact that your character and another writer's character are interacting with each other, you're welcome to point it out. Putting something like [(My Pokemon), (Other Writer's Pokemon)] centered on the top of a post or something similar can help. As The Lobby is meant to be welcoming, I ask that we not use it needlessly, but if you need a more dramatic scene that other characters can't just walk into that may help communicate that fact. If you want to join an established group, you can ask in here, but no one is required to roleplay with anyone else.
  • Communication! Naturally, I don't want to make you all PM each other questions or comments, as some people aren't comfortable with that. Please use this thread for any communication related to the Ivy Chateau roleplays, even if you don't need my help with it. I'll have direct links on the first post to any posts in here we need, so if this thread gets a little busy it won't hurt anyone.
That's all I can think of. Hopefully something in there is helpful. If you have anything you want to add, the post reply button is at the bottom - sharing is caring, after all!
Eeveehart's AvatarEeveehart
Eeveehart's Avatar
Thanks for the advice, Ketzal. The first RP story I joined a while back crashed and burned within a week. And I would like to improve my writing skills with this one. I hit writing blocks frequently when working on my own projects and I feel that having others to bounce ideas off of is great.
Ketzal's AvatarKetzal
Ketzal's Avatar
Absolutely! I'm hoping I can throw things here and there to help the story be self-sustaining, I'm no expert in this stuff but I'll be around enough to try to help everyone work things out. So as long as people are interested we can keep trying things, and whatever doesn't work we can change! So, thanks to all who were/are willing to come by and write a bit, every person helps.

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