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Regarding the bonus counters

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Niet's AvatarNiet
Niet's Avatar
I am well aware that some counters (especially Niet and Garthic) are currently set way too high. I am collecting data on how fast you are completing them. For instance, it took 44 days to fill Garthic's 250,000,000 point requirement last time. After I've gathered more data, I will be able to crunch some real numbers and make the counters fairer. So please be patient on this matter! The more you fill the counters, the more data I will get and the fairer I can make them!
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jayden's Avatarjayden
jayden's Avatar
umm can the counters be set low so that each day is a bonus in itself why? - with the updates coming very slow(not criticizing anyone the game is becoming more and more mundane) if theres atleast a bonus once in 2 days then people will have the enthusiasm to click and play a lot more than they usually do at this very moment 2 of the counter according to me are useless one is garthics counter(no events so it just seems useless) and then the gems counter(people barely use the gems )(thats what i think) half of the people dont know how the bacents counter fills up(yes theres the wiki but its still confusing) without the updates the game now seems boring with the counters active the day becomes a lot more fun than it is
Corviknight's AvatarCorviknight
Corviknight's Avatar
If we had counters every other day, you'd get used to it and the game would still be boring. Also, Garthic's counter is still useful because when events start it will keep all of the interaction points you've made (assuming it's like PF1). Same with gems- if I remember right, Niet has a plan for those.
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Niet's AvatarNiet
Niet's Avatar
And who says Interaction Points aren't being counted for something other than events? Oops, spoilers :p
I think it'd be alright to have at least one counter every 1-2 weeks depending on what ones fill up for that amount of time :P
jayden's Avatarjayden
jayden's Avatar
@twilightsparkle you mean to say that one counter should be atleast once in 2 weeks ? that means the niet counter should fill up atleast once in 2 weeks so there are 8 counters if 8 counters fill up once in every 14 days then its the same thing as what i am saying
Crazy's AvatarCrazy
Crazy's Avatar
I think that it is only the Niet and Garthic counters that are taking too long to fill up. However i don't want them to fill up everyday/few days because then they are too common then. I think you should try to get the Niet and Garthic counters to fill up every 2-3 weeks because then it isn't too high but still gives us a challenge.
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SuicuneEpic's AvatarSuicuneEpic
SuicuneEpic's Avatar
I agree it's only Niet and Garthic counters that are taking a while. In my opinion they can't fill up to fast o it's not really a special event however those two are taking a while. The others maybe would be better if they took longer.
Blueflame101's AvatarBlueflame101
Blueflame101's Avatar
Alright, I'm gonna attempt some math here... Say we get on average 1 million interactions per day, as a whole (the user base). At that rate, we would be filling the Niet counter bar, on average, around every 50 days, give or take maybe around a week due to having several days where the users don't click as much. That being said, the Niet counter is set at a goal that takes well over a month. Now, it might just be me, but I like to see a Niet bonus day around every 2 weeks. You can agree or disagree, but I feel the Niet counter bar should be set to 20-25 million interactions, thus causing a Niet bonus day about every 2-3 weeks, given the user base at a whole gets around 1 million interactions per day. Keep in mind some days the user base may get upwards of 1.5 interactions per day or sometimes considerably lower than 1 million. Therefore, the amount of interactions being made should balance out enough from day to day so that we get a Niet bonus day every 2-3 weeks, leaning more towards every 3 weeks. In my opinion, that would be the ideal amount of time between Niet bonus days. And of course, when we get event ranks and whatnot (assuming that events will work pretty much the same way as PF1), the number of interactions would be expected to increase as more people may have more motivation to click. That, plus as more users join, we will have more people clicking as well. But, until then, I think the Niet counter bar should be set for anywhere between 20-25 million interactions. As for the Garthic counter bar, I don't pay too much attention to it, but I will try to give some statistics on that later on as I observe it more.
Niet's AvatarNiet
Niet's Avatar
Why are you going to so much trouble? I said I'm collecting data. This means I will run the numbers, thank you very much.

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