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What do readers like about Pokemon Fanfiction?

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Tabunne's AvatarTabunne
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Mods, please let me know if I'm in the right forum or not. I don't use forums often but this seemed to be the most relevant. Hello, everyone! I have the ideas of a Pokemon fic rolling around in my head, but I have not really read or written pokemon fanfic before. So I wanted to ask the community, what do people like in pokemon fanfiction? ●Are Reader Inserts popular or frowned upon? ●Do people like having a player trainer as a protagonist for a 3rd person fic? ●When it comes to plot, do people enjoy new random and new adventures, or do they like stories that follow and progress through the games? (This would be like a written version of a pokemon game.) >If stories following game plot are enjoyed, is combining the two versions interesting? For example, a clash with Xerneas and Yveltal being awoken by Lysandre, or an additional Cosmog with Lillie for both Solgaleo and Lunala ●Do people prefer plots based around the pokemon (PMD Style or otherwise) or the trainers more? If there's any tips, information, or anything at all, I would love to know about it! I want to write stories that people will enjoy in this fandom. ^_^
Starsplash66's AvatarStarsplash66
Starsplash66's Avatar
I don't know about Pokemon in general and I haven't seen anybody else post here, but I've got something to say so I will post. First of all, I'm speaking for myself, not anybody else, so let's just clear that up first ^^ I don't know about Pokemon since I've only poked around a bit, but in general: I don't like self-inserts. I find them a bit annoying, if only because I want a character to be a character with their own personality and looks, and I don't want me to interupt that. I want to read through another set of eyes, and I want to see other opinions. Also, sometimes, it just feels so out of place, because of self-inserts often doing things that the reader themselves wouldn't do. I'm not saying self-inserts are bad, but these are the reasons I don't lke them. Also, from the fandoms I looked at, self-inserts seem to be less common, although I have only poked around a few fandoms so that may not be stastically correct. I don't know a lot about Pokemon game plots and stuff, but I would say whatever you want; I think orignal's all the more exciting because I have completely no idea what will happen, but, again, really, its up to you. I prefer plots around the Pokemon, because, hey, most of cannon focuses on trainers, something for a change? And since it seems you are open to tips(excuse me if you're not!), then I'd say write whatever pleases you! I write some FF myself and I write simply to please me. I'm more self-centered when writing so I guess it really just depends on the person... Anyway, sorry for the long post, I apologize if I offended you in anyway, and I hope this helps!
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