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Delta Melan hunting tips?

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CQHerosteve's AvatarCQHerosteve
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I have always wanted to go out and actually hunt a delta melan one day of my favorite pokemon, Typhlosion. I know many on this site delta hunt and I would love to get any tips and tricks from the vets when it comes to hunting those rare finds. What kind of equipment is recommended for delta hunting? Is there a recommended amount of dp that you would think I should have? I know I do not have HM at the moment, but whenever that time comes I do plan on saving up and getting hm/uber for that goal. Anything is helpful so feel free to share your tips!
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I don't think I'll ever hunt one but usually to hatch a melan you'd need a shiny and albino radar, hypermode would also be helpful and as I've seen in shops most people also hunt with z-crystals and it would be better to hunt once you receive Arceus rank because that gives you an extra boost for hunting said pokemon.
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CQHerosteve's AvatarCQHerosteve
CQHerosteve's Avatar
I have hunted melans before, so I'm looking for delta hunting tips moreso than Melan hunting tips, but thank you!
CQHerosteve's AvatarCQHerosteve
CQHerosteve's Avatar
For the Delta part: You'll first need to get Delta points you can do that by logging out and clicking your Eggs for five free Delta points (you can only do that once a day), Trading in Deltas, Shinies, Albinos and Melans or redeeming your Delta voucher (buying Delta Voucher on Market for example). If you are trading your Shinies, Albinos and Melans they are based on Egg EXP so Magikarp being lowest EXP Egg you will receive different amount of Delta points then swapping lets say a Shiny, Albino or Melan Growlithe. Just like trading Delta Points, using Delta Points also has different amounts so Growlithe Egg cost 20 Delta Points per Egg to become Delta but Magikarp Egg will Cost less Delta Points to become Delta. You can also hunt Shinies, Albinos and Melans to trade in for Delta Points I hope this helps :D
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CQHerosteve's AvatarCQHerosteve
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Would you have a recommended amount of dp to try out a delta melan hunt? I know all of the basics, but I would like more tips on the melan delta hunting aspects.
It's hard to give an exact amount of Delta Points because every hunt is completely different. Part of why it's extremely difficult to say is because Melans are unpredictable so some people are lucky to hatch one within 1k Eggs some within 2k eggs and some not until 5k + Eggs. There's also on what Pokèmon you are hunting because Every Egg EXP costs different amounts of DP to Delta so if you are hunting Growlithe, it'll cost 20 DP per Growlithe Egg to Delta Growlithe. So I sadly can't say you'll hatch a Melan within 2k Eggs because It's impossible to predict the amount of Eggs you'll hatch in a chain to get a Melan. Second part of why it's extremely difficult is powering the Albino radar, each level cost different amount of interaction points so if you want to power at level 7 every day, it'll over 100k interaction points everyday and even then you may not be able to hatch a Melan until 5k + Eggs so that'll be lot of interaction points you'll need.
JolteonNinja's AvatarJolteonNinja
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As I am currently delta melan hunting, I only hunt on the particular v wave to give me the best chance of getting the type I want. I save my chain until the next v wave and gather dp in the meantime. I also made sure to wishalloy the badge type for the pokemon im hunting as to hatch the fastest. But basically its the basics of melan hunting + the basics of delta hunting and Sally mercy lol
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