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Joint hunt anyone?

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LilypadLife's AvatarLilypadLife
LilypadLife's Avatar
That would be great, thanks! ^^ would you like me to return the pair afterwards or keep?
TRADE SHOPART SHOPJOINT ARTGYM Best little buddies sticking together :) Sarah has finally joined and made them a trio! —- Avatar taken by me of a cute squirrel at the park :D
RF097820's AvatarRF097820
RF097820's Avatar
probily keep
Cat2 did this for me she is adorable and talented and she is my best friend
finnsword's Avatarfinnsword
finnsword's Avatar
Oh, I have a high BP of Espurr, was planning on hunting them eventually once I got my melan Litten (which is on a break bc its a nightmare). Might dump some eggs and do a brief shiny hunt for Espurr though now once I hatch a shiny Nincada. So I can dump some extra eggs in a few days then.
ShadowRotom's AvatarShadowRotom
ShadowRotom's Avatar
I'm not using my daycare much, so I can help fill the shelter if anyone has a borrowable pair.
Shoot me a PM if you ever want to talk! My door is always open and I have experience with mental health issues. Spinarak drawn by me
RF097820's AvatarRF097820
RF097820's Avatar
hey rotom i have a pear ucan use free of charge

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