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Majima's AvatarMajima
Majima's Avatar
all fixed! eura saves the day.
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Doduo's AvatarDoduo
Doduo's Avatar
Thread has been dead for a while but I noticed Robinsoni Maravol is not listed on the Pattern List Here It is however, the Maravol listed in the Pokemon Info area, but I feel like it should still be added to the pattern list. ^^;
Dúliner's AvatarDúliner
Dúliner's Avatar
So here's a journal post for v-wave type affinity for the tourney, which could be useful to have on the wiki? I feel like the guide should be completed before added, and if anyone else had any other ideas for it, here's the concept.
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m21mcnaughton's Avatarm21mcnaughton
m21mcnaughton's Avatar
Shouldn’t the Valentines event from this year be added to the Wiki since the event ended back in March/end of February??
morce10's Avatarmorce10
morce10's Avatar
Hello. I know that this thread is dead for a while, but can someone fix information about pumpkaboo size? I am not sure what is true. There two pages have 2 different informations. https://pokefarm.wiki/Eggs https://pokefarm.wiki/Shiny_Hunting Thank you so much :).
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Meadowleaf's AvatarMeadowleaf
Meadowleaf's Avatar
how can I tell how meny pokemon I have evolved? I want to het a mega braclet, and I dont know how meny more pokemon I have to evolve.

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Pages: 123··· 949596

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