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Juku and Sunny's Joint Shop (Breeding Pairs, Specials, & More!)

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POLL: (Juku) Would you be interested in Shelter Hunts being offered as a service?

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Total votes: 22

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Juku's AvatarJuku
Juku's Avatar
♥ Juku's Lovebirds ♥
Welcome to Juku's Lovebirds, a Trade Shop that's (for the time, at least) dedicated exclusively to the many, many Breeding Pairs I have and want to sell to you! This is my (Juku's) half of the Shop! If you'd like to look at the stock of Breeding Pairs, just check my Fields! There are a multitude of Fields that are named "UFT Breeding Pairs." In these Fields, you will find the Pairs I have for Trade! If a Breeding Pair you want is not in these Fields, they are NOT for Trade. This store is a work-in-progress! It will receive updates periodically that will add new Pairs and new features! Click the Tabs below to navigate the Shop! The "Available Pairs" Tab will default to the available 99% Regular Pairs. If you wanna see more 99% Pairs, click the other tabs under "99%!" Make sure to read all Tabs before posting. There is no password, but it is highly recommended to read through everything so you know how much you're paying and how to order properly. I will Upvote your post once I've sent the Trade(s.) Thank you for visiting, and please check out Sunny's section below!
  • Rules + Notices
  • Available Pairs
  • Prices + Current Deals
Please use the following form when ordering a pre-made Pair from me: I'd like a Pair, Juku! Username: (Your username) Pair Requested: (Links, if specific!) Payment: (Currency) Other: (Anything else)

Code for Pre-Made Pairs Form

[i]I'd like a Pair, Juku![/i] [b]Username:[/b] [b]Pair Requested:[/b] [b]Payment:[/b] [b]Other:[/b]
Or use the following when requesting a Custom Pair: Make me a match, Juku! Username: (Your username) Member #1: (Link to first Pokémon) Member #2: (Link to second Pokémon) Payment: (Currency) Other: (Anything else)

Code for Custom Pairs Form

[i]Make me a match, Juku![/i] [b]Username:[/b] [b]Member #1:[/b] [b]Member #2:[/b] [b]Payment:[/b] [b]Other:[/b]
There are no restrictions to how many Pairs you can order! If you want them, just ask! I'll sell you whatever you want. It should be noted that the following is true for most, if not all, of the Breeding Pairs available: 1. Level gaps will be present. This is a demerit present when the two Pokémon that make up a Pair have a difference between their levels. 2. Some of the Pairs come below level 50, and therefore suffer from the low level demerit. Keep this in mind! 3. Happiness comes at its default because of Trading resetting the percentage. It is highly recommended that you use Sweet Hearts or the properly-Typed Field(s) to raise their percentage to 100%, as this gives a 20% boost to Breeding Percentages (which could help cover the gap that an underleveled Pair and / or a Pair with a level gap may cause.) 4. If there are more than 1 of a specific Pair of Pokémon available, feel free to list specifics! It's entirely up to you which one you get, so just feel free to let me know! If not, a Pair that is of the species you requested will be sent to you at random. 5. I will send the first Pokémon as a Trade, in which you can pay for all of the things you've bought. The rest of the Pokémon (including other Pairs if you order multiple) will be sent as Gifts to make things a bit easier! All Pokéfarm Q rules apply, of course!
  • 99%
  • Less than 99%
  • Custom-Made!
These Pairs are all 99%, the MAX Breeding Percentage!
  • Ordinary Pairs
  • Variant Pairs
  • Fakémon Pairs
Ordinary Pairs Eevee - 51 Hisuian Zorua - 14 Bulbasaur - 11 Ralts - 11 Honedge - 10 Cyndaquil - 9 Gastly - 9 Hisuian Sneasel - 9 Noibat - 9 Caterpie - 8 Charmander - 8 Rockruff - 8 Salandit - 8 Scatterbug - 8 Weedle - 8 Goldeen - 7 Wooper - 7 Fennekin - 6 Magikarp - 6 Poochyena - 6 Combee - 5 Nincada - 5 Riolu - 5 Vulpix - 4 Wurmple - 4 Abra - 3 Alolan Sandshrew - 3 Clobbopus - 3 Cufant - 3 Deino - 3 Drampa - 3 Goomy - 3 Joltik - 3 Nidoran - 3 Scyther - 3 Snivy - 3 Squirtle - 3 Torchic - 3 Anorith - 2 Bergmite - 2 Delibird - 2 Drifloon - 2 Druddigon - 2 Espurr - 2 Fletchling - 2 Growlithe - 2 Lapras - 2 Ledyba - 2 Mudkip - 2 Munna - 2 Natu - 2 Omanyte - 2 Pyukumuku - 2 Sandile - 2 Sizzlipede - 2 Spiritomb - 2 Zubat - 2 Aerodactyl - 1 Amaura - 1 Archen - 1 Arrokuda - 1 Bellsprout - 1 Binacle - 1 Buizel - 1 Burmy - 1 Chikorita - 1 Chimecho - 1 Chinchou - 1 Crabrawler - 1 Darumaka - 1 Dratini - 1 Duraludon - 1 Ekans - 1 Elgyem - 1 Ferroseed - 1 Galarian Farfetch'd - 1 Galarian Ponyta - 1 Glameow - 1 Heracross - 1 Hisuian Growlithe - 1 Hoothoot - 1 Kabuto - 1 Koffing - 1 Larvesta - 1 Lileep - 1 Lotad - 1 Machop - 1 Mawile - 1 Misdreavus - 1 Nosepass - 1 Oshawott - 1 Pancham - 1 Paras - 1 Pawniard - 1 Phione - 1 Pikipek - 1 Ponyta - 1 Pumpkaboo - 1 Rowlet - 1 Sandygast - 1 Scorbunny - 1 Seel - 1 Skarmory - 1 Skrelp - 1 Slakoth - 1 Slowpoke - 1 Snorunt - 1 Stantler - 1 Stufful - 1 Sudowoodo - 1 Surskit - 1 Swirlix - 1 Teddiursa - 1 Tepig - 1 Tirtouga - 1 Togedemaru - 1 Toxel - 1 Tropius - 1 Tynamo - 1 Venipede - 1 Woobat - 1 Yamask - 1
Variant Pairs Flying Pichu - 2 Snowpoke - 2 Frosdour - 1 Shinxel - 1 Shooting Star Cleffa - 1
Fakémon Pairs Pepyre - 3 Taiveret - 2 Wagell - 2 Ardik - 1 Croaket - 1 Impyre - 1 Pasovan - 1 Tillink - 1
These Pairs are all under 99%. In this section, you will find various Pairs of differentiating Percentages. Monogender, Counterpart, and Unown Pairs will be listed here. Check the "Prices + Current Deals" Tab for information on their costs! Volbeat / Illumise - 89% (Maximum) Rufflet / Vullaby - 89% (Maximum) Throh - 85% (Maximum) Unown (A) - 60% (Maximum) Unown (C) - 60% (Maximum) Unown (F) - 60% (Maximum) Unown (I) - 60% (Maximum) Unown (I) - 60% (Maximum) Unown (M) - 60% (Maximum) Unown (O) - 60% (Maximum) Unown (O) - 60% (Maximum) Unown (U) - 60% (Maximum) Unown (Z) - 60% (Maximum) Unown (Z) - 60% (Maximum) Unown (!) - 60% (Maximum)
Want a Pair that I don't have here? You may be in luck! Take a look through my (Juku's) Fields that are named "Pairs?" followed by a Type. They're filled with Pokémon of that given Type! If I've got a Male and a Female of a species you want (that are from different Original Trainers), I can Pair them up for you and sell them to you as-is! The only downsides to this method are that you are not guarenteed a 99% Pair (usually at least in the 90s, though!) However, if I've got the Pokémon, you've got the Pairs! You can take this opportunity to make Nature Pairs or any combo you'd like! Just make sure to link the two you wanna Pair together!
These prices are subject to change (but probably won't.) They apply to ALL Pairs being sold, including Custom Pairs!
Pair TypePrices
Ordinary Pokémon15,000 / 15 / 3
Variant Pokémon Monogender Pokémon Counterpart Pokémon Unown 30,000 / 30 / 6
Fakémon50,000 / 50 / 10
Active Deals: FREE Pairs! For a limited time, until the numbers get reduced, I'm giving away some species of Pairs for FREE! I have way too many of some species, and they don't sell all too well, so I'm giving them away to help clear out my Fields a bit! The Pairs that have gone FREE for a limited time are: Eevee - 51 Bulbasaur - 11 Charmander - 8 Magikarp - 6 Overstock Sale! We've got a lot of Breeding Pairs of certain species of Pokémon! Therefore, we're having an Overstock Sale to help ween down those numbers! Species that we currently have more than 10 Pairs of will have their prices reduced to a mere 5,000 / 5 / 1 per Pair! You can take a peek at the tables in the other tabs for those species, but they will be listed here as well for clarity. NOTE: Once a species' total amount of Pairs drops below 10, their prices will revert back to normal, so take advantage of this deal while you can! Hisuian Zorua - 14 Ralts - 11 Honedge - 10
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Made by me. Of me. For me!
My Melans:
SunshineSunny's AvatarSunshineSunny
SunshineSunny's Avatar
Sunny's Lovebirds
Sunny's side!
  • About the shop
  • Slots
  • Prices
  • News flash
  • Form
Howdy there! I see you've chosen to look at my side of the shop. Welcome, welcome! I don't bite! ..much. My name is Sunny, and it's a pleasure to meet you! I'm your local shiny hunter and a good friend of Juku (the one who I'm in this joint shop with!) Ah, but that's enough about me, let's get into what you came for, the shiny and albino's I sell! Yes, quite a shocker, I know. Here in my half of the shop I sell my Shiny and Albino pokemon I find in my hunts so you, dear customer, can buy slots to get a precious sparkle baby of your very own! With the added bonus of you not stressing over getting the shiny or albino, I'm here to give you the shiny you may be desperately searching for! Please check the "news flash" tab for more information about the shiny and albino I have for sell! I also sell z crystals and z fragments!
Slots are a way for me to keep track of who wants who! Very simple, really! It's also here for those who want to order a special sparkle baby that I may not have! In other words; you can pre-order a shiny/albino 'mon that I will hunt for in the future! For more information, please check my "past/future hunts" tab in my bio! Ahem.. Anyway.. You fill out the form in the last tab right there and all you have to do next is wait! There will be a certain amount that I will have available, though! 10 slots altogether (5 for each!)

Slots available

Slots Available for Shinies:
  1. Open
  2. Open
  3. Open
  4. Open
  5. Open
Slots Available for Albinos:
  1. Open
  2. Open
  3. Open
  4. Open
  5. Open
Prices are kept at 60,000 Credits, 60 GoldPoke, or 12 Zophan Canisters for shinies Prices are kept at 90,000 Credits, 90 GoldPoke, or 18 Zophan Canisters for albinos However, if a shiny or albino is a rare gender mon (example, female Salandit or a female starter) they will be an additional 5k credits (5gp or 1 ZC) will be added to the total as they are rarer than the more common genders! I will have them labeled if they are a rare gender, and how many I have! Z crystal are 500,000 credits (or equivalent) but are first come first serve! Z crystal Fragments are 70,000 credits (or equivalent) and are first come first serve, just like Z crystals are!
Specials will be half off when I have 6 or more available! Special note: I will only keep up to 10 of one species to have room for more specials. Sorry about that! Currently in stock: x2 x1 x8 (half off!) x8 (Half off!) x4 x10 (Half off! 3 female!) x9 (half off!) I have 3 fairy Z-Crystal's and 4 psychic, 3 Fairy, and 4 Ice Z fragments for sale! As for my hunt stock: I am currently hatching a lot of eggs to get to Arceus rank! No hunt for right now
If you want to pick out a slot, please use this form!
Hey, Sunny! I'd like a special, please! Username: (add your user here!) Slot number: (1-5) What kind of special: (Shiny or Albino, please add what one you'd like!) Payment: (the price! Credit/GP/ZC!) Anything else: (here you add a nice comment or if you would like a z crystal/fragment!)

Form code here!

[centre][b]Hey, Sunny! I'd like a special, please! Username: (add your user here!) Slot number: (1-5) What kind of special: (Shiny or Albino, please add what one you'd like!) Payment: (The price! Credit/GP/ZC!) Anything else: (here you add a nice comment or if you would like a z crystal/fragment!)[/b][/centre]
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I made my avatar~ I have an art shop! Drawing anything from profile pictures to baits :) My art shop!
Juku's AvatarJuku
Juku's Avatar
Reserved post for potential later use!
Juku's AvatarJuku
Juku's Avatar
We are now open for business!! ^v^
Relicanth's AvatarRelicanth
Relicanth's Avatar
HEY THERE!! I'd like a Pair, Juku! Username: Juniorpaws!! Pair Requested: Phantump!! Payment: I can do whatever currency you need the most at the moment! just add a message in your trade, hehe <3 Other: Thank you for sellin, im super excited to hunt em!!
Juku's AvatarJuku
Juku's Avatar
You got it! Thanks for being my first customer! ^v^ I'll send the 99% Pair over now. ^-^
Bunger's AvatarBunger
Bunger's Avatar
I'd like a Pair, Juku! Username: Bunger Pair Requested: Rockruff! Payment: Credits! Other: Shop looks great!! I'll probably be returning for more pairs from time to time, it can be so hard to find pairs you're looking for sometimes TwT
Marshii • He/They • Minccino Stan
Juku's AvatarJuku
Juku's Avatar
Absolutely, Bunger! I'll send a Rockruff Pair your way momentarily. I look forward to your potential return! ^v^
Jouto's AvatarJouto
Jouto's Avatar
I'd like a Pair, Juku! Username: Jouto Pair Requested: Gastly Payment: credits please! Other: i'm interested in getting another pair so ill put the second form right under this one!! Username: Jouto Pair Requested: Eevee Payment: credits :D
my bird


Special Evolution Item

(: 0)

A peculiar stone that prevents a Pokémon from evolving when held.

Sells for 250

Lv. 77 — 2,143 / 19,398
Aspear BerryAspear Berry
Aspear Berry (SOUR)
Cheri BerryAspear Berry
Cheri Berry (SPICY)
Chesto BerryCheri Berry
Chesto Berry (DRY)
Pecha BerryPecha Berry
Pecha Berry (SWEET)
Rawst BerryRawst Berry
Rawst Berry (BITTER)
Spicy food
Happiness MAX
Naughty nature
Juku's AvatarJuku
Juku's Avatar
You got it, Jouto! I'll send them both over now! ^v^

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