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Shinxel's AvatarShinxel
Shinxel's Avatar
whats so special about ditto? also how long does it take to hatch? just ordered one :D
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Ditto is just really hard to come by and it can breed with anything. The drawback to breeding with Ditto is that there’s a chance to make an egg from either parent - and if that parent is Ditto, it doesn’t create an egg.
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Gilded's AvatarGilded
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To add on to what Padfoot said, there are certain pokemon on here that can only be bred with a Ditto! Namely all genderless pokemon except Unown and legends :)
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Eggy's AvatarEggy
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And to further add to Gilded and Padfoot, you can't breed a Ditto with a Ditto to create more Ditto eggs. The only way to get more Ditto eggs is via either the lab or the supplier - the shelter is also possible, albeit extremely unlikely.
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Shinxel's AvatarShinxel
Shinxel's Avatar
ty guys! very helpful >:D

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