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SageHoney's AvatarSageHoney
SageHoney's Avatar
How did you find us? a friend from another game was talking about the game so i immediately got interested and joined Would you reccomend us to a friend? definitely, it's real fun so far Any hobbies, are you working on anything cool, etc? i really like to eat sweets(or sometimes make them), read books, make art, play a few other games What's your favorite Pokémon? i like too many pokemon to pick just one! but a real big fan of espurr, noivern, and luxray So! i like the game so far and have been having fun, plan to look for an albino scatterbug to see what those are about! i really like that this game has pale and dark variants, makes it interesting. might hunt a wooper eventually to have a lil collection of axolotls cuz they're real cute! so saving for the pokeradar thingy~ otherwise no game goals yet~
VanillaDemon's AvatarVanillaDemon
VanillaDemon's Avatar
What do you like about PFQ? I like the amount of things/activities there are to do on here. There's always more to unlock and it doesn't get boring. I also appreciate all the events (tournaments, contests, TRs, etc.) there are. What would you change? I kinda wish GCs were a thing, for users without Discord. What do you dislike? Nothing in particular really. Does Steve deserve a shiny? Yes. #helpsteve
Vanilla - She/her - Exists - Does stuff - Icon by me
h-hi! I'm Pearl, I'm new here and I have no idea what I'm doing but! I do love pokemon so here I am. nice to meet you all. I'm also on FR and Tumblr, incase anyone cares. I'm shy, so. ehh... nice meet you all.
Pearl. They/She. Other/Fictonkin.
HermitQuartz's AvatarHermitQuartz
HermitQuartz's Avatar
Hi everyone! I'm an oldtime/newtime player that took a long break form this site, and wanted to come back to it after watching everyone on the Facebook page I hope to relearn how to use this site as time goes along, and make some new friends along the way. thanks for reading!- Hermit ps: I do have a couple of question, can I change my username? and Im having trouble changing my avi on mobile. how do I do both of thoes things? thanks again.
Idk what to write here but lets have some fun!!
IcarusRein's AvatarIcarusRein
IcarusRein's Avatar
Hewwo! My name is Icarus, and I'm a new bean to this site u v u! How did you find us? Through google searching egg hatching sites, but for pokemon. Would you reccomend us to a friend? I'd love to! However most of my friends aren't interested in this type of game ^^" Any hobbies, are you working on anything cool, etc? I am an artist, as well as a rper! I enjoy drawing feral cats and occasional pokemon! Aside from art, I also enjoy taking photographs! For games, I mostly play MMOs and Farming sims! What's your favorite Pokémon? This is a tough one! I have a lot of favriote mons! I guess my top three would be Seviper, Luxio, and Arbok!
Seiena's AvatarSeiena
Seiena's Avatar
*bows to the audience* hello, my name is Seiena. it is very nice to meet all of you. I found this place via Facebook today. back like 10 years ago when this stuff was everywhere I could never get into it due to not having many people or a good internet presence to lure in click folks. but the mugh easier means of getting clicks is making me eager to join the community.
HailToTheQ's AvatarHailToTheQ
HailToTheQ's Avatar
Uhhhhh where to start! Hi there you can call me Hail or Queen, I actually knew about the old farm oh so long ago but couldn't keep up at the time and it fell off. I been debating about seeing this new one and wowie so far i really like it! I'm also on many other sites. Like FR, Dappervolk, Xanje and now here! and also Lioden, and yes that measn I have alot of time on my hands?? Well only after work haha but I will do my best to be active and click on everyone's mon!. Favorite Mon: Vaporeon, PLS not like that either, but there's also Cyndaquil, Nidoqueen, Garchomp, Gengar, and many more! I go by the pronouns She/Her.
Please give love to them!
Avatar was commished by my close friend DirkAurea on discord.
Scachetti's AvatarScachetti
Scachetti's Avatar
I've been here for a whole week and I just noticed this thread yey I'm Scachetti (it means "peanuts"), I'm from Italy and I work for fashion! I like collectible dolls and bjds, making clothing, photography, knitting and crafts. I mostly play Touken Ranbu and Fate/Grand Order. I am also into Fire Emblem a lot but I recently taken a bit of distance from the fandom. I found the game thanks to an acquitance: I was bored and asked for a chill browser game. It's not very chill tho but I dig it. My favourite pokémon is Beldum. Ask no questions, they precious. Hope we can get along!
xstarx07's Avatarxstarx07
xstarx07's Avatar
This feels a little akward, but heck, I might finally go as well: My name is Star, I'm from Germany and I've been gone on here for 4 years after 2018, due to my life taking a lot of turns and I'm just finishing my 3rd higher education. Funnily enough, Pokéfarm helped me a lot with learning English back when I started out, and I found this site because my Pokémon-phase just peaked back in 2016, when Sun & Moon were about to come out and me and my friends were all over it. Good times~ Nowadays though, I've been returning more and more to my roots in terms of forums I've visited or fandoms I enjoyed very much when I first got onto the internet. I tended to lurk a lot - I still do - but I want to change things up a little ^^" Aside all of that, I have a passion for art - digital art, including animating - and I'm currently on my own little multi-crossover webcomic epic, which is a reboot of a reboot of my hobby project, which I am very proud of :3 As for my favorite Pokémon(s), I have a few lol On the very top, I love Mew in its shiny variant because it's cute and blue is my favorite color! For the 2nd place, I have to place Snom because I immediately fell in love with it and I didn't even know it existed until I randomly got one in Sword & Shield. And for the 3rd, it's easily Infernape, since it was my very first Pokémon back when I started with Diamond version! What I like about PFQ? I like to keep myself occupied and PFQ is pretty fun to spend some time on and collect all the mons! :D And the Fakemon designs are really cool as well!
Good vibes only ≧◠◡◠≦ profile avatar is drawn by me (2021)
GalaxyFantasy's AvatarGalaxyFantasy
GalaxyFantasy's Avatar
Hello everyone, I've had an account on this site for ages now but I forgor about it :( I wanna be more active again though! I've definitely been doing better since the first time I came here since I've been able to snatch up multiple legendaries from the daycare- In addition to pokemon (obviously) I love classic mega man, undertale aus/utmv, and friday night funkin!! ^^ I wanna try to be more active on here and also find a picture that could be a good icon for me here,,

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