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StarFish's AvatarStarFish
StarFish's Avatar
Hi im still pretty new to pokefarm, i need to get arctovish and arctozolt eggs for my galar egg dex but i dont know how because in the day care says i cant breed them? can someone please help me?
Vaporeon26's AvatarVaporeon26
Vaporeon26's Avatar

QUOTE originally posted by StarFish

Hi im still pretty new to pokefarm, i need to get arctovish and arctozolt eggs for my galar egg dex but i dont know how because in the day care says i cant breed them? can someone please help me?
Because Actozolt and Arctovish are genderless and genderless pokemon can't breed with any other pokemon than ditto You'll need a ditto to breed
Avatar credit can be found in my journal under the art tab
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Rintaro's AvatarRintaro
Rintaro's Avatar
HELLO TOO ALL XD IDK WHAT TO SAY I JUST WANTED TO SAY HI I AM RINTARO I just resently joind Love it so far Very nice pepole and awsome pokemon to colllect I am aming to mabey some day get a Legendery :) Anyways I just wanted to say hi and i hope Yall have a good day :)
Credits to me!
blackrabitto's Avatarblackrabitto
blackrabitto's Avatar
hey! my name is rabbit and I have landed here from a facebook ad I saw about this website :) my fav pokemon are sylveon and raichu, and I am enjoying hatching eggs and explorijg the website so far :)
Goobscribe's AvatarGoobscribe
Goobscribe's Avatar
Hey i'm Goob. I just started playing PFQ. I'm sort of working things out as I go but I really have no idea how to make friends on here or how to improve really. I'm 20F from the UK and I'm in my second year of mental health nursing. I really miss playing pokemon but lmao buying a switch is out of the question right now. I'm loving PFQ so far!
literaryfawn's Avatarliteraryfawn
literaryfawn's Avatar
Sorry if I didn't do this right but hello! Brand spanking new to Pokefarm but I'm enjoying myself so far (even if I'm still figuring everything out). I've dragged my partner on this site with me and we hope to stick around for a while! My favorite pokemon are Luxray and Vaporeon, I play Ffxiv and my current obsession is building gundams!Gundam! Feel free to say hi!
A confused rookie
NebulousFable's AvatarNebulousFable
NebulousFable's Avatar
Hi I'm Nebulous (They/Them) and I just joined Pokefarm. I'm 26 and just finished college. How did you find us? I am on several other pet sites and I saw this site mentioned a in multiple places so I decided to check it out Would you recommend us to a friend? Yes, but most of my friends are not interested in pet sites. Any hobbies, are you working on anything cool, etc? I play D&D every weekend with my friends. I also can 3D model and draw. I play alot video games; right now I mostly play Pokemon rom hacks and Animal crossing. I have pet snails, a fish and a cat. I like shiny hunting when I have time. I love pet adoption/collection sites. What's your favorite Pokémon? Some of my favorite pokemon are Crobat, Umbreon, both Vulpix, Deerling, and both Ponyta.
Feyvea's AvatarFeyvea
Feyvea's Avatar
Hello everyone~ I'm Feyvea or just Fey, I stumbled over Pokèfarm while playing another 'Browser Game' I enjoy playing Videogames, drawing, comics and spending time with my Pony <3 Yeah thats it I guess..I hope I will have a nice time here, we will sure see us around ^3^
SchezoWegey's AvatarSchezoWegey
SchezoWegey's Avatar
Hello! I found this site on another pokemon adoptable site :p. I'm not a huge Pokemon fan but I enjoy the games a lot! I love video games thought that's for sure. ^^ Hopefully I can make some friends here and have a good time! c:
moethman's Avatarmoethman
moethman's Avatar
hi, im moth[man]/jay [it/they] and i found this site through a friend i like writing, drawing, baking, and playing games my favorite region is unova and i cant really decide on a favorite pokemon having a lot of fun playing so far, i hope i can make some friends

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