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anarFoxy's AvataranarFoxy
anarFoxy's Avatar
hi everyone :) my names echo (he/they). i play a lot of browser adoptable/breeding games, and i found pokefarm through someone i was friends with on ovipets! ive been playing pokemon ever since i was 9 (just had my 17th birthday!) and my favorite pokemon ever is absol. my second favorite is miltank though. i cant wait to get to know people on here :)
LadySav's AvatarLadySav
LadySav's Avatar
Hello Everyone. I joined a few days ago but I just found this intro thread. Still getting the hang of the website and it's mechanics but so far it's quite enjoyable and addicting. I don't believe friends list are a thing but it would be nice to make some friends on the site. Anywho, nice to meet you all.
Hiya! I'm Light (she/her). I used to play Pokefarm waaay back in the day. Actually, it used to be the ONLY online game I played, since it was the only one my old computer ran, hehe. Remembered the site recently, came to see if it was still going strong, and made a new account (since the old email I used for my last one got nuked, rip)! I hope everyone's still as cool as they used to be (though I'm sure they are) and hope to have some fun times with people and Pokemon alike!
Avatar credit goes to iicons on tumblr, as well as Haruko Ichikawa and Kodansha for publishing Houseki no Kuni!
Tivae's AvatarTivae
Tivae's Avatar
I'm Tivae, Ive been on here for a few hours. I was introduced through Flight Rising. uh, I really like Pokemon lol I want to make friends, so feel free to message me ig (I'm still finding my way around tho)
Avatar credits: art by me, character belongs to Pokemon(c)
Dr.Grimm's AvatarDr.Grimm
Dr.Grimm's Avatar
Salut Im Grimm Ive been playing for a few day and I just wanted to say hello
Cage's AvatarCage
Cage's Avatar
Hey! I´m Cage (31, from Germany) and I´m new! Well, not so much. I created my account some years ago and completely forgot about it until now. I´m actually looking forward to have a relaxing time here. I love Pokemon ever since I discovered the cards and games. I also love anime, my birds and drawing.
[avatar by me]
ToxicWolf's AvatarToxicWolf
ToxicWolf's Avatar
Hello! I'm actually a returning player, but I stopped playing waaaaay back in 2015. I'm working on getting my footing back and getting back into the swing of things! I'd love to meet some new people now that I'm playing again.
herbert west's Avatarherbert west
herbert west's Avatar
So a bit of an introduction, short but; > Greetings, I'm Herbert, I use he/him, feel free to mssg me I love jacking my jaw. I love men. (and women but haha, gay joke) > I really want albino Serperior and the Witch Purrloin, they're currently my dreamies!! How did you find us? > When I first found PokeFarm, it was from FlightRising, and I believe this was back in?? 2019?? I've not touched it aside from that week I played and I totally lost that account, but my friend Yellow has been playing it and seeing it play it made me wanna give another chance, so shoutout to him for getting me into another pet game I don't need to be into. /hj /lh Would you reccomend us to a friend? > If I knew anyone who wasn't already playing and into pet games, heck ya !! Any hobbies, are you working on anything cool, etc? > I draw (eventually I'll draw myself some form of icon for here) and write, I've got special interests in taxidermy, Pokemon (unsurprisingly), and history of the Victorian era and the 1900s !! What's your favorite Pokémon? > Snivy! Has been since I was 6 and started playing Pokemon Black.
wrenandpaper's Avatarwrenandpaper
wrenandpaper's Avatar
Hi there everyone! My name is Wren from Australia, I'm 24 and my pronouns are she/they. I have loved pokemon since I first played Red as a kid, though the generation that means the most to me is 3, and I am a big Hoenn fan (Unova a close second.) I am queer and disabled and care a lot about the world and the poeple in it. I'm always looking to make new friends (in fact, I met my fiancee online) and found out about PF through a Facebook Ad. I thought the art was cute so I followed through, and here I am. I'm still not sure how to bide my time on this site, and would love any advice. ;u; I also play Flight Rising and am looking for some more browser games to sink my teeth into if anyone has any recommendations. Thanks so much! Please PM me sometime if you would like to chat! <3
Just a longtime lover of pokemon! Disabled, queer, and doin' alright. Avatar art by me!
Elaunie's AvatarElaunie
Elaunie's Avatar
Hello!! My name is Elaunie, but you can call me Ela. I'm 29F about to turn 30 in November. I was a part of the original Pokefarm years ago when it first started but I fell out of playing. My hobbies include watching anime, playing JRPGS on ps4 and pc, and I loooove pokemon. My favorite region is Johto, and my favorite pokemon is Totodile. My favorite legendary is Lugia. I am looking forward to playing for a long time!!

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