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wizardfry's Avatarwizardfry
wizardfry's Avatar
hi there everyone!! my names finn and I go by sludge in other places. I made my pokefarm account months ago but just started actually playing a couple days ago ^^ so excited to start collecting! my goal is to get every exclusive and fakemon and their albino/melanin forms! How did you find us? - Through Chickensmoothie Would you reccomend us to a friend? - yes! and I already have :3 Any hobbies, are you working on anything cool, etc? - my hobby is playing pet games lmao What's your favorite Pokémon? - genuinely any of the exclusives they're so so awesome and some are sooo pretty.
Wormster's AvatarWormster
Wormster's Avatar
hey! joined a couple days ago, honestly not l that into pokemon but there are some like wooper that have my heart, I'm just glad to be here!
Trekeln's AvatarTrekeln
Trekeln's Avatar
Hi, I discovered this yesterday, and it's really cool! I'm open to new friends, too! To answer the questions: How did you find us?: I searched "Pokéwalker" on Google, and i found that: https://pokefarm.wiki/Pok%C3%A9walker. Then, I came here. Simple as that! Would you reccomend us to a friend?: I think, yeah! Unfortunately, my friends aren't really into Pokémon. Any hobbies, are you working on anything cool, etc?: I like playing videogames, skateboarding, drawing, too. I'm working on several Friday Night Funkin' Mods, animations, and music. What's your favorite Pokémon?: Quilava! He was my first ever starter in a Pokémon game. I love this Pokémon since 11 years now!
calipso's Avatarcalipso
calipso's Avatar
Hello! The name's Viridian, but you can call me Viri, Vir, or Vi! I joined just recently, and I already love it here. How did you find us? Between being recommended by a friend and seeing it online, I'm afraid I can't quite remember—but I don't regret joining the slightest bit! Would you recommend us to a friend? I actually brought two friends of mine on board already. ^^; Any hobbies, are you working on anything cool, etc? While I'm a (horror) writer, I've taken a hiatus from that to focus on my education. In the meantime, however, I've found other things to enjoy in my spare time, pokefarm being one of them. Other than that, I enjoy reading tarot, baking, hiking, swimming, playing with pets, going to the zoo, writing, listening to music, playing/watching volleyball, gaming (minecraft, L4D(1 & 2), RE, and more), etc. What's your favorite pokemon? :""" Funny you ask. I already have the list on my carrd (in my about me), but for the sake of convenience: Pumpkaboo, Mimikyuu, Phantump, Litwick, and Spiritomb! There are others I like, but these are my all-time favorites.
Free pokebaby fields! Check tab 3 in my A/M (about me) for more info.
hhhhhhhhh i need to find free signatures,,,,,
Hey, I'm Reverie, I joined a few days ago :) I really like pokemon even though I've been out of the loop for a bit so I'm not caught up on all the new guys. I am rediscovering my love for these tiny pixel creatures
Forum avatar edited by me. Uses public domain images from Art Nouveau artist Alphonse Mucha (La Trappistine) as well as free to use images from the Biodiversity Heritage Library.
Bill. E. Joe's AvatarBill. E. Joe
Bill. E. Joe's Avatar
Hello pokefarm community. My name is Bill E. Joe. I recently started playing this web-based game the other day. I really enjoy the mechanics and all the critters you can collect. I also like making small snipits to tell a story. So any and all suggestions or criticisms are welcome, but please be considerate if you have something negative to say. Also, I would like to start a small group where the pokemon were raising/adopting tell a story about pokefarm q. Anyone interested can pm me. So long as the developers approve. I do now wish to ask for something that goes against the rules and policies. Thank you.
Sappire's AvatarSappire
Sappire's Avatar
Oh man, I completely dropped the ball by not posting here sooner! >~< But hey, I'm Sappire! I've been going by that misspelled moniker since I was twelve, and now I'm 29 so... yes. No shaking off the childhood typo now! I've been on PFQ for a few weeks, finding my way around the site and already running across really kind users who have helped jump-start my living dex. I'm making solid progress, too! Now if I can just stop forgetting about making myself an avatar and fixing up my about me page, haha;;; How did you find us? My friend found the site through Facebook, and her first instinct was to drag me along with her. Probably because like 90% of my brain is just Pokemon nonsense at this point. (I could write an entire essay on PokeInterpol alone, do not test me-) Would you recommend us to a friend? Definitely~ I really love how this site works and how many different things it has going on. The userbase seems really nice so far, too! :D Any hobbies, are you working on anything cool, etc? I'm an artist and a writer! Neither one really professionally, but I like to think I'm at least passable with both skills. :3 As far as cool projects, I'm currently juggling around a game I really want to make. Some irl issues caused production to grind to a halt, but I'm hoping to get back up on the horse soon! What's your favorite Pokémon? Galarian Zapdos. I've been playing since Red and Blue, but something about Galarian Zapdos is just perfection to me. <3 Though as far as non-legendaries? I'd say Raichu and Lucario. I don't know why! I just really like them! :D
Kumokiri's AvatarKumokiri
Kumokiri's Avatar
Hello!I’m Aidan(she/her please).I am 12 years old and I live in Canada.My hobbies include:drawing,doing anything involving Pokemon(I’m a bit of a nerd)and attempting to get a good night’s sleep.My favourite Pokemon is Absol and I will take any that you don’t want.I found Pokefarm through a friend,and I love it already!I love how nice everyone is(soooo many presents :D),and the game is so mush fun!My favourite shiny is Umbreon(2nd favourite pokemon).I also love all cute and fluffy pokemon!My favourite colour is blue.
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Enigma Berry

Enigma Berry

Special Berry

(: 0)

A completely enigmatic Berry. It apparently has the power of the stars that fill the night sky.

Flavour: Spicy/dry
Colour: Yellow
Firmness: Hard
Growth time: 96 hours

Sells for 40

Lv. 49 — 7,341 / 7,437
Aspear BerryAspear Berry
Aspear Berry (SOUR)
Cheri BerryAspear Berry
Cheri Berry (SPICY)
Chesto BerryCheri Berry
Chesto Berry (DRY)
Pecha BerryPecha Berry
Pecha Berry (SWEET)
Rawst BerryRawst Berry
Rawst Berry (BITTER)
Sweet food
Happiness 66%
Timid nature
Thank you!:)
Pet the Furret,and she will teleport you somewhere awesome
Avatar credit goes to Kårñstêin!
CallistoStars's AvatarCallistoStars
CallistoStars's Avatar
Heyo there! I'm a little bit of an older user but still figured I'd introduce myself How did you find us? Just was looking around in another site and someone had their mon linked Would you reccomend us to a friend? Maybe! I have a friend who likes pokemon but she prefers traditional games Any hobbies, are you working on anything cool, etc? I love to watercolor paint! I do a whole bunch of other art mediums too! What's your favorite Pokémon? The whole axew line Just some more things! My preferred pronouns are she/her, and my name's Callisto! Cal for short, my full name is more for formal things! I'm really just vibing so vibe with me :]
alpacaduelist's Avataralpacaduelist
alpacaduelist's Avatar
Heyo! I also found this site through a link on another site, looked interesting so I signed up. I'm a scientist and my hobbies are video games and drawing ^^ nice to meet you all.

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