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kittennight's Avatarkittennight
kittennight's Avatar
um hi folks. i saw you on facebook on my main page and thought i'd try it out. i've been a pokemon fan since the 90s when it used to come on tv and i pokemon red/blue/yellow had come out for gameboy. i love gaming, rping, pkemon, some other anime. i love coloring pages, and drawing my own rpc or outfits.
CottonEevee's AvatarCottonEevee
CottonEevee's Avatar
Been here for a bit but wanna do the first one (i mean i joined back in april so wynaut xD) I found PFQ on a FANDOM account, so I wanted to try it out! I would def reccomend it to a friend but when I started a few months ago I wanted this to be my kind of secret lol (me back then: *grabby hands* mine) My favorite pokemon is Eevee (hence my username, CottonEevee!) Hobbies are gaming, reading, drawing and being really funny (not exactly a hobby but it just.. happens?) A few extra things: I can be annoying sometimes, mood swings are very annoying (one minute i'm ridiculously happy and the next i'm grumbling about how rood sally is because i don't have me melan yet. xD), and I laugh at ridiculously random things when I'm in a good mood. Oh, and I occasionally do trashy pokemon puns and am for some reason stuck at elite rank because I'm too busy melan hunting to fill my eggdex xD And I love using emoticons (like ^^, :D, xD, c:, etc) and emojis! Okay I go now sorry for pushing this block of text at you xD
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Shonar Ifari's AvatarShonar Ifari
Shonar Ifari's Avatar
Brand new here! Been a pokemon fan for YEARS, and a TCG player since it started. Finally decided to look up online pokemon games and this popped up.
Kiht Kat's AvatarKiht Kat
Kiht Kat's Avatar
Hello! I'm new here and looking to find some friends who share my love for Pokemon! I found this site by browsing the internet. Looking for pretty much any Pokemon collecting site lol. I shiny hunt a lot in Pokemon and sometimes need a break from the main games. I play PokeMeow in Discord a lot, but it sometimes doesn't cut it for my collecting obsession. I have a lot of favorite Pokemon, but I really like Fairy-types. Though one Pokemon that holds a special place in my heart is the Bulbasaur line.
Howlrick's AvatarHowlrick
Howlrick's Avatar
Hello I'm Baskin. I joined about a week ago. well 6 days ago to be exact. I am a huge Anime fan. my favorite anime is My Hero Academia. I also love playing Pokemon Go. I live in a small town where there is not much to do. however where I live it is famous for their sweet onions, the Vidalia Onion. My favorite Pokemon are Dog Pokemon and my favorite dog Pokemon is first Growlithe/Arcanine, then Houndour/Houndoom second, Yamper/Boltund third and Lillipup/Herdier forth. I also love all Shiny Pokemon and I am currently working on trying to reach 750,000 interaction points so I can get the tool for Albino Pokemon. I'm about half way there. I'm new so I don't have much but I love making trades if I have something someone needs that I don't mind letting go of. Oh another one of my Hobbies is collecting Funko POPs with Anime ones being my favorites Anyways thanks for your time and for reading all this and sorry for the long post.
lamealienbabe's Avatarlamealienbabe
lamealienbabe's Avatar
Hi I'm Alien and I joined a few days ago ^^ I'm still figuring out how things work but I like it alot so far! I found you guys through someone from another adoptables site and joined here to fill time when I can't sleep I think this website is a wonderful idea and really really cute! I'm really excited to find all the pokemon variations^^ I'm an artist and hopefully I'll figure things out here well enough to share my fanart!
sockapoo's Avatarsockapoo
sockapoo's Avatar
Heyo! Old timer coming back for the nostalga. 26 now but I started back in the summer of 2011 I think. I can't say I have a favorite pokemon since there are wayyy to many to choose from but I tend to lean towards ghost, dragon and grass types. My hobbies are all over the place but right now it's drawing, reading, working out and hiking. I know strange combination of hobbies but I am an enigma that even I can't solve. I hope to have an more active presence online since meeting new people in real life is a challenge for me (thank you social anxiety). Looking foward to meeting ya'll expecially art forum lurkers!
KizuKisho's AvatarKizuKisho
KizuKisho's Avatar
What do you like about PFQ? Collecting and collecting :) What would you change? Fields getting really expensive, especially when I need a bunch to save wishforge Pokémon </3 What do you dislike? That the albino radar resets when PFQ does, I lose precious time because I need to sleep Does Steve deserve a shiny? Yes
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