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I joined Pokefarm... a long time ago... but sorta lost interest since I wasn't as into Pokemon at the time (but was into virtual pet things). I've been on two similar sites for around a year (for one) and a few weeks (for the other), and decided to yeet myself back here. I am now, as of January this year, officially obsessed with Pokemon. It took too long. I released most of my Pokemon upon coming back, except for one I found really cool. I realized waaaay too late that I released my original starter - Pichu. I'm fine with it, since my first non-PoGo game was Let's Go Eevee (i.e. my female Eevee w/ Sassy Nature) and then Sword (where my starter was Scorbunny w/ I BELIEVE Rash nature. If it was hasty instead of rash I'll look for another male Scorbunny again). Right now, I am working on collecting my Pokemon team w/ right genders + natures and everything, hopefully at a lower level. I don't think Zacian, much less Crowned Sword Zacian, is available yet? I know the site is probably still releasing Galar Pokemon XD. So for now, I'll be collecting/evolving Tsareena, Mimikyu, Corviknight (in place of Zacian), and Boltund. Once I feel like hopping back on the Switch. I'll know once Crown Tundra releases of course! I have a terrible memory outside of Cinderace's and Eevee's gender and nature. My first shiny hunt will probably not be officially recorded? I plan to hunt down 8 shiny Eevees. And then Rookidee, Scorbunny, Sobble, Wooloo, Yamper, Mimikyu, Pichu (for Alolan Raichu), and maaaaybe a shiny legendary or two? I have too many favorites.
Avatar is my FurSona and one of my main partners, Eevee. It was drawn by my friend BlueberryOtter on ToyHouse! ~ Eevee Lover ~ She/Her or They/Them ~ Alphias/Alpha ~ Hop is the best rival~
Tegdig's AvatarTegdig
Tegdig's Avatar
Hello all! I just joined Pokefarm today, and it's seeming quite enjoyable. I've already contracted Pokerus for my first time, and I've gotten a little party of Pokemon gathered. This game seems it will take a lot of my time in the future, though I may not be terribly active either. I can never predict myself too well. Either way, I'm really liking what I've experienced already. I can tell there will be a lot still to learn, and the curve will be steep, but I'm glad that the community here seems so welcoming, and ready to help. I'm ready to get into this, and all the fun it can offer for me. To answer some of questions asked, I found this game when searching things related to another great Pokemon Fangame I was burning out on; Pokemon Tower Defense 2. I would most definitely reccomend this game to a friend, and most likely will. It would be great to be able to play this with them. I can't wait to see what the future holds for me in Pokefarm, and how all of you can be a part of my life with it!
hanaimakura67's Avatarhanaimakura67
hanaimakura67's Avatar
I'm both new and have been here a while. lol I had an older account but lost the login information some years ago. How did you find us? When I originally found ya'll, I was on another kick looking for adoptable, clickable pet sites and I have always loved Pokemon, so when I saw this, I just had to join. Would you reccomend us to a friend? I would but... I don't have any friends that are really that into Pokemon anymore. Any hobbies, are you working on anything cool, etc? I like to read a whole lot when I'm not on video games and I also write sometimes... I also do karaoke now... Oh and I forgot that I do digital art. What's your favorite Pokémon? MewTwo. MewTwo forever. I'm crazy for his sob story. If you've been here for a while.. What do you like about PFQ? That's it's all Pokemon. :D What would you change? I have my reservations about the combined Pokemon I've started seeing around on here but I wouldn't necessarily change that myself. What do you dislike? That once my Pokemon are in the field, I can't access their profiles by clicking on them... Does Steve deserve a shiny? Who is Steve? (This is why I'm both new and experienced here. lol)
Hello! I'm CupcakePrincess, and I'm brand new here! How did you find us? I am on another pet site, goatlings, (which I totally recommend) and I noticed a few of the people also play this. It looked cute, so I thought I would try it. Would you reccomend us to a friend? Yes, I'm enjoying the game so far! Any hobbies, are you working on anything cool, etc? I like baking! I also really like My Little Pony. What's your favourite Pokémon? I have a lot of favourites, but some of them include Sylveon, Alolan Vulpix, Buneary, Galarian Ponyta, and Skitty!
Sofia007's AvatarSofia007
Sofia007's Avatar
hiii! i literally joined today xD and im still learning my way around im not working on anything cool for the moment, and i really like venipede and its evos! and everything related to eevee xD im glad to be here
PlushTanuki's AvatarPlushTanuki
PlushTanuki's Avatar
Hello everybody! I wanted to do my first forum reply ever so I thought that this may be the perfect place, I joined two days ago and although I still need to get ahold of most things, this seems like fun so far! How did you find us? I kept seeing different Pokemon and egg sprites in signatures all across other formuns and that bought me here, love the way the exclusive sprites look btw, very professional looking. Would you reccomend us to a friend? I don't have much friends that play games like this one, but sure! They may give it a try. Any hobbies, are you working on anything cool, etc? I read, play videogames, watch anime and movies, bake and take care of some plants, nothing big going on at the moment but I'm content. What's your favorite Pokémon? Venusaur! I hope I can make many friends here as well <3
Alphakaichii's AvatarAlphakaichii
Alphakaichii's Avatar
Where to start? i guess with a hello, so, Hello there my name is Alpha, or Kaichii, or just Kai my favorite pokemon is Pichu, specifically the spiky eared variant, second is Ninetales and third would have to be Samurott as that was my first ever starter I like to read, some of my fave series are the obvious like Harry Potter or LOTR, but i'm also into the Percy Jackson series as well as the books written by Kenneth Oppel like Skybreaker I'm a huge anime fan and manga fan, fave anime currently is One Piece, although my all time favorite will always be Berserk anyway thats a majority of who i am, if you want to know anything else dont hesitate to ask

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