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Bäd - Kïtty's AvatarBäd - Kïtty
Bäd - Kïtty's Avatar
Hi! I'm BAD - KITTY! Y'all can just call me kitty, though. I literally just started this game yesterday, and I can already say that I'm addicted My most favorite thing to do is read, although I used to draw too. Unfortunately, adulting takes up much of my time, so I'm not able to draw but rarely these days. Still, sometimes I get the urge and end up doodling like crazy I'm a HUGE Harry Potter fan, so of course I've taken the official quiz to see what house I'd be in. No surprise, but I'm in Slytherin, hehe.. My favorite pokémon is eevee! There's nothing like a versatile pokémon that can become literally anything. It also doesn't hurt that they're absolutely adorable, too. I hope future games include new eeveelutions, like a dragon type or ghost. I'm of a mind that there should be an eeveelution for every type, to be honest Anywho, I hope that you'll take the time to be friends with me, as I'm sure you're all such kewl people!
Eevee image (c) bulbapedia
Mirica199's AvatarMirica199
Mirica199's Avatar
ok I probs should've done this when I joined but I didn't know this was there so yea just call me Miri I'm super friendly and like to offer lots of support to everyone I came here back in May when I saw a friend's account and I went 'I've gotta try this out' so now I am here I can be found rambling in my journal or clicking people, mostly on my computer with my online friends my main goal is to make everyone on here happy and to make this place great for the new people favourite Pokemon? I have too many favourites hhh but my main favourite is on my profile~ also yes Steve deserves a shiny btw I just started chatting in the forums last week and I get emotional easily but that's ok I love y'all anyway
new to forums, still learning I like to talk about magical animals called Pokemon unofficially a fire bun propaganda can get emotional easily but that's ok since I love you all anyway my icon is from Pokemon Cafe Mix btw! Such a cute game~
Gelendra's AvatarGelendra
Gelendra's Avatar
HiHi! I'm Gelendra,thirty-something Pokemon Fan who stumbled onto this site by a Facebook add Having some issues with typing on here, so pardon any typos or such. I'm an avid writer and reader who plays video games, DnD, and RPs on forums regularly I admit I'm really looking forward to getting a Riolo egg, as Lucario has always been a fav Pokemon for me. wish me luck! I also think Steve (and everyone else, lol!) deserves a SHiny
AVATAR IMAGE FROM NASA, "The Large Magellanic Cloud" Image taken by HUBBLE
MiasMacaron's AvatarMiasMacaron
MiasMacaron's Avatar
Heyo! I'm MiasMacaron as in a fusion of miasma and macaron, which tells you everything you need to know about me. I'm a poison type trainer who loves all things pastel, cute, and sweet. My other hobbies include art, Pathfinder (its like D&D but D&D nerds give Pathfinder nerds wedgies), cooking, baking, and fashion.

Pages: 123··· 404142

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