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Plaid's AvatarPlaid
Plaid's Avatar
I didn't know this thread was a thing, so I guess I'll formally introduce myself now Hi, I'm a sixteen year old Michigander. I've been on this site for over half a year, and I have loved every minute of it. I am a big fan of Delta Specials, and currently am working on getting all varieties of Delta Mega Flareon (Halfway there). I am a big fan of Ice and Steel types, but Dhelmise is my favorite Pokémon. I even have a t-shirt of a Melanistic one! My other hobbies include drawing, origami, and skiing.
Jun's AvatarJun
Jun's Avatar
I figured it wouldn't hurt to post here.. My name is Jun, I actually came here from another adoptable site, so I just joined earlier today or so. My hobbys include playing games and drawing. I dont think there is really anything cool to talk about tho. My favorite pokemon might be Tyrantrum or Litten, but recently I have started to like a newer mon from SwSh (I guess i have a fav every generation maybe.) I love to talk with people, but I think i am very bad at intros, so sorry about that!
Joined through a discord link. Have no idea what I'm doing, any help would be appreciated. I am 28, grew up playing pokemon, just trying to pass the time when it's slow at work.
Zapticuno's AvatarZapticuno
Zapticuno's Avatar
Oof, made my account here almost two years ago, but at some point I logged out for some reason and I didn't remember my password. My account was linked to a friend's email, and we couldn't set up a time to reset my password. Until today, of course! I'm a fourteen year old girl, and, as my irl friends know so well, I'm obsessed with Team Skull. It's because of the simularities I find between them and my friend group! Other than Pokemon, I'm into horses, bugs, Mixels, Warriors, Wings of Fire, and roleplaying!
g4zc0r3's Avatarg4zc0r3
g4zc0r3's Avatar
helloo i'm gaz, im v new to pokefarm and still learning my way around... i like playing clicker games and pet sims :) my first starter was cyndaquil and i have tons of fav pokemon
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