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Whit's AvatarWhit
Whit's Avatar
Hi! I'm Whit, I'm returning after 4-5 years or so! My friends Neb and Stormy recently got me to make an account to play here, so hopefully this time around I'll be able to get a melanistic gardevoir like I've always dreamed of having! My new, hopefully easier goal is a shiny minior too. I'm a digital artist and I love to draw fanart for series like Pokemon especially! I'm also kind of a noob and still getting the hang of things again-- so yeah thats me!
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RvBCaboose's AvatarRvBCaboose
RvBCaboose's Avatar
Hello! I'm Caboose :D I'm 18, about to turn 19, and am currently pursuing a double-major in animation and game design! I hope to make some really cool things, mostly involving space. Space is cool. I'm a big fan of Rooster Teeth stuff, if my Red vs Blue themed account here didn't make that obvious! I'm also really into their shows gen:LOCK and RWBY. I've been a big fan of Pokemon since I was a little kid, but haven't really tried to interact much with the community, minus a few close real life friends. Decided to try and branch out though! Friends are nice. I do a lot of different things, like art and writing and edits and the like! Especially for gen:LOCK. :3 My current goal is to get every blue Pokemon I can get, Shiny or otherwise! Go Blue Team, haha. I hope to make some friends here! Cheers! :D
vafurous's Avatarvafurous
vafurous's Avatar
howdy, my name's vade uhhh i'm 24 and i've been playing pokemon for almost 20 years my fave pokemon is leafeon, but i really love pichu too i also rly like naruto, lego ninjago, yo-kai watch, rvb...that's all i can think of rn i work a full-time job in animal nutrition and it's pretty demanding, so i'm almost never on a computer (sooo glad this site works well on mobile lmao) i'm open to conversation but i kinda suck at it so...ya
Hellagia's AvatarHellagia
Hellagia's Avatar
Hello, I am new... I saw someone mention it on Chicken Smoothie, but I've seen it enough times I forgot who I ultimately joined under. (I did include their name as a referall when I registered, but I can't remember now.) I'm Hellagia (here and CS, Whitekatsu on FR), and I've already showed my friends PokeFarm within the first week, I gotta say. I've fallen in love with it. Ryukuza helps (I'm in love with it XD; ) My hobbies are collecting zoids, drawing, playing games. My favourite pokemon of all time is Deoxys (I ... don't know why) but I have several goals already in mind for here. I love the fact that you can interact with pokemon in fields, and the trading ability (I'm addicted to wonder trades), and I love your exclusive and fakemon, they're cute~ (And as I've said, Ryukuza stole my heart) I ... there's so much that I like I always forget things when I go to type them. I'm not ... good at social and talking so I'm sorry this isn't good.
attitxde's Avatarattitxde
attitxde's Avatar
Hey, everyone. My name is Daniel (he/him, please) and I'm an 'older newer' player. By that I mean I signed up way back in 2017 but didn't do anything with my account, due to having a super slow and unreliable internet connection at the time. Anyway, about a week and a half ago one of my friends mentioned this game and I remembered I had an account. I have a very bad case of insomnia that at times doesn't respond to my sleep meds. When this happens I do my best to find something to keep me occupied (because boredom is a fate worse than no internet during a long car ride, haha). I have to say that PokéFarm does a wonderful job of keeping me entertained. I absolutely love, love, LOVE clicker games and clicker mechanics. Even more so if it's Pokémon related! The repetitive motion is really relaxing for me, and I find it a great way to just unwind, zone out, and de-stress. Especially when I can get into a rhythm with the clicking fields. (I used to be a serious click-a-holic on a pet site's adventure zone, and a different Pokémon game that's now gone, many years back, haha). I think it's safe to say that I'll be here for a good long while! I'm not a super big chatty person due to my social awkwardness and terrible memory, but feel free to drop me a message if you want to chat or anything. =) Ohh, also I have to say -- I'm so happy to see Delta Species are a thing!! The Delta expansions in the TCG were my absolute favorite.
My icon was a commission done specifically for me. I'm 4 hours behind PokéFarm time. I have a terrible case of insomnia, so I'm usually on at random. Forever hunting specially colored kitties, ninetales, and houndooms.
Tulin's AvatarTulin
Tulin's Avatar
Hi everyone! I found this website through another forum and decided to check it out! Many of my IRL friends are not very interested in clicker games, so I'm alone in this one, but I'll probably end up putting an egg or two in my signature for other forums. Who knows, maybe that will grab me some referrals too? My hobbies include writing, playing video games, Chinese brushstroke painting and the occasional trip outside. Most of my energy is taken up by my full time work as a homeroom kindergarten teacher. My favourite Pokemon... Ahhh! How can I choose? I would probably go for Pikachu, as its very special for me. But I have a lot of favourites. Keen to make friends here if possible :)
AnixiousEnby's AvatarAnixiousEnby
AnixiousEnby's Avatar
Hello Everyone, I'm JJ and I'm New Here (Obviosly hehe). I found this game through a friend who no longer plays and also through Ovipets! ( ♥ Animash Trash ♥ is my user there ) I Would most deffiantly recomend this to my friends but sadly none of them like pokemon :P I have many hobbies - I Like To Edit - Care For My Animals - Play Online Games :3 My Favourite Pokemon is Eevee and Litten!
Hael's AvatarHael
Hael's Avatar
Hey I'm Hael! I found PF through someone's signature on flightrising. :3 I really like this place so far, people have been really friendly and nice and generous! My top favourite pokemon is prooobably Politoed! One of the new ones is a close runner up but I don't want to post spoilers! OTL Besides Pokemon, I play a lot of FFXIV and playing video games in general! I also like to RP a lot (one on one, not group stuff unfortunately :C) but I'm kinda shy!
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Dracowyn's AvatarDracowyn
Dracowyn's Avatar
Ohai, I'm Dracowyn. Maybe some people might know me from SPPf as Drake Pokétrainer (don't post much anymore) or from GPX+ as Morgoth (but I'm not that active there anymore either). I found this site because of an irl friend. I visited her yesterday and she showed it to me. I thought it was pretty interesting and since I'm already familiar with clicking sites I decided to make an account when I got home. So a bit about myself. I'm a 26 year old guy from Belgium. Been working as a nurse on an acute geriatric department in a hospital. I'm a huge geek with an equally geeky gf. I'm a huge fan of anime and games. My favorite game series include the Touhou Project, Pokémon, The Legend of Zelda, Kirby and quite a lot more. I've always been more of a Nintendo fan. I'm also a collector of figures (mostly from the Touhou Project but I have quite some others too) and a novice cosplayer at cons since my gf got me into it a bit over a year ago. I did visit cons before that though. As for Pokémon, I've been playing the games since Red and Blue and am super excited for Sword and Shield. My favorite pokemon is Armaldo since I'm obsessed by paleontology and the Anomalocaris is one of my favorite animals. The instant I revived my Claw fossil in Sapphire and saw Anorith for the first time I immediately fell in love with it. So yeah, that's a bit about me in a nutshell. I hope I'll have a good time here (so far I've had) and if anyone decides to send a message, feel free to do so ^^;;
(Banner made by my friend Crickee, avatar is official art from Touhou 12.3)
hey all, i'm jake. i haven't played this game in 3-4 years, but i remembered it yesterday when trying to think of something to do at work. i'm 18, and i'm from the united states. i love video games (but who doesn't?), and my favorites are the binding of isaac and path of exile. i also enjoy model trains and livestreaming. my favorite pokemon has been joltik for quite a while, but i also love mimikyu. i'm kind of shy, but please message me if you want to chat!! have a good day

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