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Whit's AvatarWhit
Whit's Avatar
Hi! I'm Whit, I'm returning after 4-5 years or so! My friends Neb and Stormy recently got me to make an account to play here, so hopefully this time around I'll be able to get a melanistic gardevoir like I've always dreamed of having! My new, hopefully easier goal is a shiny minior too. I'm a digital artist and I love to draw fanart for series like Pokemon especially! I'm also kind of a noob and still getting the hang of things again-- so yeah thats me!
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RvBCaboose's AvatarRvBCaboose
RvBCaboose's Avatar
Hello! I'm Caboose :D I'm 18, about to turn 19, and am currently pursuing a double-major in animation and game design! I hope to make some really cool things, mostly involving space. Space is cool. I'm a big fan of Rooster Teeth stuff, if my Red vs Blue themed account here didn't make that obvious! I'm also really into their shows gen:LOCK and RWBY. I've been a big fan of Pokemon since I was a little kid, but haven't really tried to interact much with the community, minus a few close real life friends. Decided to try and branch out though! Friends are nice. I do a lot of different things, like art and writing and edits and the like! Especially for gen:LOCK. :3 My current goal is to get every blue Pokemon I can get, Shiny or otherwise! Go Blue Team, haha. I hope to make some friends here! Cheers! :D
vafurous's Avatarvafurous
vafurous's Avatar
howdy, my name's vade uhhh i'm 24 and i've been playing pokemon for almost 20 years my fave pokemon is leafeon, but i really love pichu too i also rly like naruto, lego ninjago, yo-kai watch, rvb...that's all i can think of rn i work a full-time job in animal nutrition and it's pretty demanding, so i'm almost never on a computer (sooo glad this site works well on mobile lmao) i'm open to conversation but i kinda suck at it so...ya
Hellagia's AvatarHellagia
Hellagia's Avatar
Hello, I am new... I saw someone mention it on Chicken Smoothie, but I've seen it enough times I forgot who I ultimately joined under. (I did include their name as a referall when I registered, but I can't remember now.) I'm Hellagia (here and CS, Whitekatsu on FR), and I've already showed my friends PokeFarm within the first week, I gotta say. I've fallen in love with it. Ryukuza helps (I'm in love with it XD; ) My hobbies are collecting zoids, drawing, playing games. My favourite pokemon of all time is Deoxys (I ... don't know why) but I have several goals already in mind for here. I love the fact that you can interact with pokemon in fields, and the trading ability (I'm addicted to wonder trades), and I love your exclusive and fakemon, they're cute~ (And as I've said, Ryukuza stole my heart) I ... there's so much that I like I always forget things when I go to type them. I'm not ... good at social and talking so I'm sorry this isn't good.

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