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Kadorix's AvatarKadorix
Kadorix's Avatar
Hello! name is Kad and I just logged back in after months. I would say I'm technically new since I joined last June but got distracted by a move so I couldn't really play. On a whim, decided to get back into it and I'm super excited to play! I love writing, roleplaying, playing games, and cat naps. I'm super excited to meet some of the others in the community, get some advice, and have a grand time! I've heard nothing but good things about the community here! <3 I think my top three Pokemon types are Steel, Dragon, and Poison!
Mrs Rodrigo's AvatarMrs Rodrigo
Mrs Rodrigo's Avatar
Hello everyone! i created an account here in 2017 and completely forgot about it! :o My name is Brandi, or Mrs Rodrigo is fine (: I’m an adult player of many pet/breeding/genetics sites. Ive been reading around the site all day and I think Im going to give it a whirl. I look forward to playing with you all!
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Tallyverse's AvatarTallyverse
Tallyverse's Avatar
Hi! My name's Tally I started here like yesterday thanks to a friend of mine that recommended this site to me I'm already having fun trying out all the new things! Hopefully I can get far like a lot of the older users I see In my free time I like to do art and play other games. If anyone else is familiar with the mobile game Cookie Run, feel free to hit me up for my friend code!
Goopster's AvatarGoopster
Goopster's Avatar
uhhh Hello! I'm Matthew. Or Goopster/Goop. You can call me whatever some friends reccomended this to me so uhhh here I am! :D its been pretty fun so far well yeah i look foreward to playing with everyone! :D
Hi, I'm Salty, I'm 14, and I've been here for only a few weeks. My amazing bf Ryosko showed be the site and I thought it was neat, so here I am! I'm somewhat of a competetive pokemon player, and I play a lot of Showdown and Pokken Tournament. zoroark best poke fite me (jk dont actually fight me)
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Rye's AvatarRye
Rye's Avatar
What’s going on? I’m Rye. I’m from the UK and I’ve spent a couple weeks here. I thought it nice to introduce myself. I love horror and creepypasta, SCP entries, watercolouring, writing (poems, stories), and maybe thinking of getting back into RP idk! I love to walk and listen to nature. Love animals. My favourite Pokemon...I have lots. It’s safe to say that my favourite is usually Nidoqueen or Empoleon. If you feel like talking, hmu. I might not be able to reply right away. I’m super friendly otherwise :)
luketear's Avatarluketear
luketear's Avatar
hi! I'm Rose! :D I actually played pokefarm as a kid, but stopped somewhere- and since I've been on a kick with adoptable collecting/raising games recently I came back! and I'm so glad it's still here! I'm still figuring out how everything works but people have been so kind, I've gotten a couple of gifts from random people and I'm so touched ;o; (but I didn't get to reply because it seemed to open a new PM and I wasn't sure that's how people do it?? #DumbNewbieThings) as for hobbies, I play a variety of games and draw sometimes! I guess I could say it's my art I'm working on. I want to get to a comfortable enough place that I can try doing commissions (flexing emoji) my favorite pokemon is...Pikachu!
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PegusesStar13's AvatarPegusesStar13
PegusesStar13's Avatar
Hello!! Just joined a few days ago! I love Pokemon so much and Ponyta is my favorite. Love the shiny color! Please add me I'm always on and clicking everyone. :) Thanks and talk to you later. Oh and you can call me Peg. :)
opossumparty's Avataropossumparty
opossumparty's Avatar
Hi, I'm Cae! I joined last weekend at the tail end of my Spring Break. I joined a pet site called Chicken Smoothie the weekend before and found someone recommending this site on the forums, so that's how I found this place. I turn 30 this year but I'm still in college. I'm majoring in social work, which is just papers and group projects all the time. I am also nonbinary, and I prefer they/them pronouns. My favorite pokemon types are dark, ghost, poison, bug, and fairy. My favorite ghost types are Gengar and Litwick, and my favorite poison types are Alolan Muk and Croagunk. My favorite bug types are Parasect and Scolipede. For fairy types, it's Spritzee and Azumarill. For dark types, it's Scraggy and Sneasel. I'm generally pretty easy to be around, but I have anxiety, so I put off conversations for a while if I don't expect it. If you message me out of the blue and I don't respond but I'm online, that's probably why.
Âsrêâl07's AvatarÂsrêâl07
Âsrêâl07's Avatar
Hi, I'm Asreal. I joined a while ago but was super quiet and now that I'm back after a LONG hiatus I've decided to pop in and say hello! I'm 17 and in my junior year of highschool at the moment. My favorite Pokemon types are Fire, Fire, and Fire. And Water, and Poison, but also Fire. hopefully I'll be accepted back here and I look forward to getting back into the swing of things! <3

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