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scørkaji's Avatarscørkaji
scørkaji's Avatar
hallo! i'm kaji, i'm mainly the overlysweet biscuit who drowns her friends in gifts. i like to give stuff to new members sometimes. i'm 11, and i have a little bro who is 9. i love love love drawing and i've recently gotten into drawing deltas~
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SnowMew's AvatarSnowMew
SnowMew's Avatar
Hi everyone! I just found this site today and it's pretty neat. I love pokemon and am excited to see what kind of neat pokemon I hatch here
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Cheri Berry (SPICY)
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Chesto Berry (DRY)
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Pecha Berry (SWEET)
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ba22593's Avatarba22593
ba22593's Avatar
I'm not very new but I came back after a long hiatus. Never made a post in this thread though! I'm Mud, but you can also call me Aaron! I'm 21 and Non-Binary (He/They pronouns). I live in Washington, D.C. (USA) with my fiance and work at a museum where I discover and study new species of moths from South America. I also am a huge furry, and draw lots of furry art. Been on this site for awhile, and as I said I'm just coming back from a hiatus! I plan to start doing some shiny hunting as soon as I get a pokeradar, and start up a shop selling shinies and albinos!

Mud ⭐ He/They ⭐ Bug Lover

I like bugs and music. My fave band and fave song.
Hello, I am incredibly new to PFQ. I just joined today actually. I'm loving everything thus far and would love to get some friends. I live in the states and have 2 cats. Planning on getting a Leopard Gecko friend soon. I will more than likely end up in the roleplaying sections of the forum haha. My top 3 favorite pokemon types are Dragon, Ghost, and Dark (in that order). I currently work in a carwash and am saving to move to England! :o I am 24 and have a degree in graphic design. Feel free to PM me to chat or anything! I'm into a bunch of different things, anime, games, books, etc.
Obliique's AvatarObliique
Obliique's Avatar
Hello, everyone! Just like the vast majority of people on this thread, I am very much new to the site. I’ve only been here for ~2 hours, really! I’m Obliique, but I‘d also be fine with Oblique, Sanddollar, or Sand. If you want to refer to me as anything else, it’s probably best if you asked me first so I’d understand. As for facts about me, I’m currently working towards a degree in graphic design. I live with two dogs, two guinea pigs, and a corn snake. I’d love to talk/gush about them if you asked! Throwing in the Pokemon aspect to this post, I‘m a tad new (I only started with Black + White!). I‘ve recently gone back to my older games to shiny hunt, but there’s quite a ways for me to go there. I’ve also played a couple of the PMD series, which I absolutely adore!
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nonpuellamagi's Avatarnonpuellamagi
nonpuellamagi's Avatar
oh geez i joined pfq a couple days ago i think but i didn't realize there was a thread like this until now? hi! i'm nonpuellamagi but i also go by nightyngale or just rey. i've been playing pokemon for almost 15 years and i'm super in love with sableye and clefairy! my all time favorite type is ghost and i've done ghost monotype runs in alpha sapphire and ultra sun. i'm really looking forward to albino hunting and breeding exclusives/variants! a lot of the mechanics on this site seem really cool and i'm already having a lot of fun here. c:
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Lighthawke's AvatarLighthawke
Lighthawke's Avatar
Hello I joined today? I just really like pokémon and I wanted to collect a bunch of friends. Plz help me hatch my last egg, it's taking longer than the others...
Aoífe's AvatarAoífe
Aoífe's Avatar
Hello! I'm Aoife (pronounced Eva), and I joined a few days ago. There's not much to say except I love Ponyta and Chandelure and once I get the PokéRadar I'm going on a hunt... :3 I'm 28 and from Germany. I'm actually quite surprised how many people my age play PFQ, pleasantly though. Nice to meet you all! <3
Lycanea's AvatarLycanea
Lycanea's Avatar
Just stumbled onto the Forum yes hello. ^=^ I'm Lycanea, though you are free to call my Ly or Lycan. I'm a 20 year old female from the United States. I joined roughly about 3-4 days ago and have been clicking like a mad man. So much in fact that I managed to buy myself a Albino Radar with credits already. xD Now focused on obtaining that Poke Radar! >:D As for things I personally enjoy: I adore finding a good book to cozy up with, and drawing has always been a high all time favorite of mine to do in my free time as well. I'm definitely an introvert, but don't be afraid to come and say hi. I do enjoy pleasant chats. :) The last thing I wish to say is that the community here is A+! So many members have come forward to offer me gifts and tips; for which I am enternally grateful for. A big thank you to all. I appreciate the kindness shown. :)
nicky44411's Avatarnicky44411
nicky44411's Avatar
hello m nicky i started today i love everything in this game

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