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Painful Pokemon Moments

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stgelatin's Avatarstgelatin
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i guess you can use this thread to post painful pokefarm moments but i just wanted to share mine
leyyatha's Avatarleyyatha
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I feel your pain! I felt the same when I found a Galarian Articuno in the Shelter but ran out of passes. My biggest painful moment would be finding a shiny Carvanha when fishing and then it gets away… T_T
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RøllingDice's AvatarRøllingDice
RøllingDice's Avatar
hey uuuh not to make the pain worse but i was just browsing the shelter and found this and it reminded me of this post. If it turns out to be the same one that would be pretty funny. Edit: i found another one It would seem that one "SoulWesson" is realeasing these en masse.
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arbor's Avatararbor
arbor's Avatar
Painful moments: I’ve now hatched FOUR albino Spritzees on a level 5 radar, and only ONE shiny! I keep charging level 5 every day “just in case” but I don’t want more albinos!! I’ve hatched 900 eggs and only one shiny!! I know non HM odds aren’t great but this is my fifth hunt and none have ever gone this badly ;_; I wish either of the last two albinos had been shinies instead. I think albinos are rarer even with my non HM chain since my radar is level 5. But 4 of them and 1 shiny. Ugh. I'm editing this with another painful moment... I just hatched a random chance TR shiny! According to Corviknight's calculator (I trust his math) my shiny Spritzee odds are 1/400. I am almost at 1000 eggs with one shiny. And I hatched a RANDOM?! I mean I'm really really excited about it, it's only my second random in eight years but also WHAT?! I never ever would have bet that I'd hatch a random chance TR shiny before another Spritzee.
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Dogmage999's AvatarDogmage999
Dogmage999's Avatar
Two of my Melans were hatched on holidays (July 4 and New Year's Eve) and I dont get anything on Sei days
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