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Pokémon VS Digimon: Worlds Collide (RP)

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((So we're all meeting at the Dark Hills? If so, which one?))

Warning: Long post!

Hearing the news after nearly chugging the espresso, Amara immediately frowned in a contemplating manner. Pokemon mega-evolving without a trainer? It wasn't impossible since these pokemon were living proof of that, but it was easier to do so with help from a trainer and keystone. Amara suddenly had a flashback to the first time she tried mega-evolving Chara, chuckling slightly at how naive she had been back then to think she could mega-evolve a Gyarados without it going beserk purely because of the time they had spent together. She could still go back to the crater that was formed from the subsequent battle and remember the whole thing clear as day- "Dewo..." Oda's call pulled Amara back into reality...but not quite on the Dewott himself. It took a gentle tug from Oda to draw her attention away from the TV and down toward him. "Oda? What do you-" Amara started, but the stars in Oda's eyes told her all she needed. "No," she declared. "Dewott!" Oda argued in reply. "Oda, no!" she began. "You heard the guy on TV: no one except gym leaders, elites, the professor, lab assistants, and bodyguards. No one else is allowed." Oda gave her a look that essentially said "And when has someone telling you 'no' ever stopped you?" Amara replied with a stern look that said "I don't care, the answer's still no." They held those looks for about 10 seconds before Amara sighed in defeat. She could never say no to an opportunity like this, especially when she knew Oda would go without her if she didn't keep him in his Pokéball. So she pushed the voice in her head telling her that this was a bad idea to the background and looked Oda in the eye again. "Fine," she said. "But if we get caught, this one's on you." The look on Oda's face made Amara glad she said yes.
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(We're going to Drangleic Hill) Caelan sipped a bit of his drink and noticed a girl arguing with her Dewott. He had a feeling she was interested in seeing the wild Pokemon that had gone through Mega Evolution. Of course, she was just a trainer, she didn't have the proper authorizations to enter. But that didn't mean she couldn't go to the hill without being arrested. If she was accompanied by authorized personel, she could get past the guards, as long as she didn't wander off from the group.
Terrea noticed the voice of the man obviously belonging to Blake but he didn't feel like exposing him infront of the cafe and causing a ruckus. So he just simply nodded "Alright then, We'll meet you there" Asha approached the leaders, knowing who they were since her sister, Venomania was the Poison Gym leader and good friends with them.
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Rhina and Trace were startled by the sudden appearance of the leader. Once that faded, Rhina was her usual self. “Yes!! Mystery time, mystery time!!” Trace looked up to the champ. “Like Terrea said, we’ll meet you there. I’m all rested for the time being, and it sounds kinda fun.” But looking up at the champ meant also noticing Asha. The girl looked pretty familiar, might’ve met her once or twice. I don’t think she was just a challenger, we’ve met her in a group before… maybe… He’s staring off now. Absentminded sips of mocha are the only signs they haven’t fallen asleep eyes open.
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Junpei stood up after finishing his drink and began to head out the door. He observed what was going on as he tried to slip past everyone. Nithmine took her eyes from the news, a spark of interest in her eyes. She knew she couldn't go there herself but maybe....
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Terrea notices Asha and recognizes her as the little sister of Venomania, the poison type gym leader and his good friend. "Well, i didn't expect you to be here, Asha" He chuckled abit and turns to face her.
As Caelan drank some of his drink, he told the other trainers, "I'll be waiting at the security checkpoint to Drangleic Hill. Anyone who wants to come is welcome, as long as you're accompaning authorized personel, you'll be able to enter if you don't stray from the group. I'll see you there." before walking out of the cafe and going towards the nearby Dark Hill. Not only were there Pokemon that had gone through Mega Evolution, but there were also Ultimate and even a few Mega level Digimon at the hill, which is also part of why he'd placed the hills as restricted entry only. Such powerful Digimon were not easy to defeat, and inexperienced trainers could easily get hurt trying to fight them. While he didn't like having citizens of Caufeo arrested, he knew it was the best way to reinforce his point about the areas being restricted access only.
Glad.Silver's AvatarGlad.Silver
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Nithmine overheard Caelan and felt giddy, as if she were a child going on a fieldtrip again. She immediately started toward where Caelan said he'd be waiting. Keahi chattered excitedly behind her as they went off
angelbeast111's Avatarangelbeast111
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Trace finally connects the dots once he hears Asha’s name. “Oh yeah! Hi, sorry I don’t think we’ve met as much as you have the others.” He smiles a bit sheepish. Rhina stood to greet her too with a big grin. “Don’t mind them! Tray-Tray here just woke from a nap and may as well have Slow Start!” “Heyyyy, don’t go around saying that! I already hear it from you, don’t need everyone else too…” The small bright-eyed girl giggles. Both the pair’s Pokémon have taken care of the cups the lot of them have emptied. Once they both return, Trace is up on his feet stretching. “The security checkpoint it is then. Will you be coming too Asha?”
DüskMäñê's AvatarDüskMäñê
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"Well, that makes getting in all that easier," Amara mumbled, standing up and strolling out the cafe door with Oda (who was probably the happiest Dewott on the planet) in tow. She's glad she overheard the man (who had turned out to be the guy from TV) because she had no idea how she was gonna get in before then. She'd never really been the stealthy type, so the invitation was the ideal method of getting inside the barrier. Now the only problem she had currently was figuring out who she would leave in her PC. She began searching for the nearest Pokemon Center ((they exist in Caufeo, correct?)) while engaging the debate within her mind. She didn't want to take everybody since she reasoned that would be too much (besides, if she saw any Pokemon she wanted to catch, she would need the space). Oda was obviously going since it was his idea, and Ganon, despite his friendship with the Dewott, wouldn't tolerate Amara taking only Oda for training; the Emboar was going too. Amara realized this would be good training for Rimuru to bolster her defense and for Passion to improve her evasion, so the two would tag along as well. 'Wait,' she thought, groaning internally at the same time. 'Ajax's gonna kill me if I take only Passion and something happens to her...' Once she arrived at the closest Center, she made a beeline to the PC. In the end, Amara walked away from the computer with 7 pokeballs: Oda, Ganon, Rimuru, Passion, Ajax, Quake, and Chara. Chara was coming to test her strength against the megas there while Quake was tagging along just in case they needed to slow down their opponent if they needed to flee. With a quick check to make sure she had what she needed, followed shortly with a cry of excitement from Oda as he was returned to his pokeball, Amara started running toward the spot the man from TV said he'd be waiting.

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