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pachimaroo's Avatarpachimaroo
pachimaroo's Avatar
🩸🌑 “You are bold. I honor your independence. You are one to teach the gods their limits. I hope the bards will praise the glory of your death in song.” collecting !
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Aemilia's AvatarAemilia
Aemilia's Avatar

QUOTE originally posted by pachimaroo

Buying: BSDs 20 ZC Prisms 70 ZC
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by Kaede

pachimaroo's Avatarpachimaroo
pachimaroo's Avatar
okay, I would like to buy
Wyk's AvatarWyk
Wyk's Avatar
Hello, May I sell my Black Prism? ^^

Have a nice day~! ^^

Naive nature collector~ ^^ Bunch of summons, gem swap and shinies for sale in my shop~
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Camikuh's AvatarCamikuh
Camikuh's Avatar
Hello, I have one black prism to sell
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paimon's Avatarpaimon
paimon's Avatar
hlo! i have two black prisms to sell ^_^
Acnaib's AvatarAcnaib
Acnaib's Avatar
Can I sell you a box box?
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Aemilia's AvatarAemilia
Aemilia's Avatar
yes, mind sending a trade please?
himi's Avatarhimi
himi's Avatar
hey aem, would you be open to buying 2 boxboxes ^^? (ik your trade rules say you usually use it anyways, but I'd super appreciate zc for them if possible!)
I need to work on this qwq
Aemilia's AvatarAemilia
Aemilia's Avatar
I'm gonna pass for the moment as I don't have enough ZC for them, sorry. If you're willing to accept GP, I can spare some to buy that way instead? Feel free to just toss a labeled trade if that's okay!

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