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Turbuggy's AvatarTurbuggy
Turbuggy's Avatar
Hi! I'd like to do a charm swap, please! :]

☆ Buggy ☆ He/Him ☆ Adult ☆

I'm just a lil guy!
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Code @RAINB0W Divider @King-Lulu-Deer on DeviantArt Forum Icon @Vandi Signature Pagedoll @Bug2Go on Twitter
☆ Current Hunt: Gastly
EveRiddle's AvatarEveRiddle
EveRiddle's Avatar
Hey may I please buy all 8 of your medium fire gems for 80 gp? Edit: Thank you^^
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Drew the avatar myself, for my use. She is a kitty girl I drew in paint for fun of it. Avatar in my about me currently is also drawn by me, she's a harpy but not colored in. Current Type Race score: 4223
I have a shop now ^^. Need to work out some sort of banner/button.
Flight Raising, same username don't mind being poked there but not active on that site as much anymore.
I still get anxious on forums, but trying to work on that. Notr: This pfq tabs I'm using can be found in this guide
I will make this thing pretty at some point
Aemilia's AvatarAemilia
Aemilia's Avatar
hi, can everyone please toss me trades?
Buying: BSDs 25 ZC Prisms 70 ZC
Icons/Template by Aemilia

by Kaede

SeshieLover's AvatarSeshieLover
SeshieLover's Avatar
i have a bsd to sell you?
My type race9347. My trade thread can be found here
× 315 / 500 ---value at 20zc-will buy or swap
Avitar Sprite credit Zorualord14
J.D.Fox's AvatarJ.D.Fox
J.D.Fox's Avatar
Hello! ☺️ I would love to rent your Star Pass for the next week 😁 I'd like to pay in ZC and I can pay in advance if you'd like 😀
Score: 2,576
Yahan's AvatarYahan
Yahan's Avatar
Hi! My 12 medium fire gems for your 12 medium flying gems?
I use tone tags! Ones I tend to use the most are /gen
, /nf
not forced
not mad
, /lh
light hearted
, /npa
not passive aggressive
, /pos
, /neu
, /s
. (Hover over for meanings~)
Credits: Avatar
made by Anna-Ravenrock
|| Signature
my design. Luvdisc is one of my Pokemon OCs adapted from an official Luvdisc sprite, girl and the quote are both from Erin Entrada Kelly's novel You Go First
MultiFuchsy's AvatarMultiFuchsy
MultiFuchsy's Avatar
i have 2 bsd, would you be interested?
Plural System MultiFuchsy Discord: Felina Fuchs/felinamultifuchsy ©
avatar is drawn by me, Button is made by me, using a heavily modified heart gold sprite and an official Marshadow sprite, Button is for my and Numbers use
I collect serious
and only serious Pokémon, if you give me a non serious Pokémon I give it to someone who collects it, if I request anything that's not serious it's probably that something went wrong or I am building a breeding pair
Pokémon race: 9765 Summons, Melans, Shinies and Albinos in our shop
llupi's Avatarllupi
llupi's Avatar
Hello~ I have two BoxBoxes if you're interested! And I'd like to swap 2mil credits for your ZC if possible please~ c:
Buying Kanaloa Idols16ZC /equiv. per
79 / 500
: 10418
Pfp drawn by me~
can I buy your ancient drives for 30zc each?
Chris - he/him - 22 Trade shop - Art shop - Journal TYPE RACE SCORE: 7,110 | Icon from DC Comics
Aemilia's AvatarAemilia
Aemilia's Avatar
can you three please send trades?

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