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Camikuh's AvatarCamikuh
Camikuh's Avatar
Hello, my 1milcr for 200zc?
English is not my native. Pfp drawn by Camikuh (me), character on it - Nahida from Genshin Impact 0
I've got credits for all your GP+ 3m creds for zc? ^-^
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Hello! Hope you have a nice day! .~*Casper's(Mine) Journal*~.
Feel free to check my collecting tab in my About Me!
Background image of Signature- Credits Signature Code- MossDragon Profile Picture- Drawing I based off of a sunset I watched My shop Banner- Kingtotodile
Korvaa's AvatarKorvaa
Korvaa's Avatar
May i borrow a shiny charm again for 30gp? edit: I figured something out and got into my bank, thank you and sorry to post then not need it.
Score: 1933
Aemilia's AvatarAemilia
Aemilia's Avatar
Can everyone who is still interested please send me a trade? For currency swaps, please double check my amounts, notably for GP as I needed a little for something
Buying: BSDs 20 ZC Prisms 70 ZC
Icons/Template by Aemilia

by Kaede

Turbuggy's AvatarTurbuggy
Turbuggy's Avatar
May I please get 7 medium ghost gems for 3 medium dragon & 1 medium ice gems? :]

☆ Buggy ☆ He/Him ☆ Adult ☆

I'm just a lil guy!
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i-uhhh's Avatari-uhhh
i-uhhh's Avatar
hi, could i purchase one of your normalium fragments for 12zc? edit: nvm, sorry!
They are holding hands, they are gazing into each other's eyes, they are on a mission to overthrow the regime and nothing will stand in their way Pls welcome my new son, Rinzler jr, and my new new son, Rinzler jr Sr III
AriaLuneris's AvatarAriaLuneris
AriaLuneris's Avatar
May I buy one each of your Charizardite Y (market is 600k Cr) and your Data Volume: Scream Tail (market is 215k cr) for a total of 815 GP?
Caliban's AvatarCaliban
Caliban's Avatar
20zc for the kusanagi?
Avatar is Caliban from Warframe,Thal sprite by Animela, Cal sprites by Augusthoney, Cal tessel by bananalizard
Hamez's AvatarHamez
Hamez's Avatar
Hello! Can I buy your ice feathers for 25zc each please?
Ghost-Type Tiny Icon made by Juku
Team Never-Ending Nightmare — 14668 points
Ghost-Type Tiny Icon made by Juku
Hunt starts Apr 14th! For more odds and ends, Visit The Hamez-ing Emporium! Avatar made by NinjaAnne — Buying for 20zc! 147/500
llupi's Avatarllupi
llupi's Avatar
Hello~ I'd like to swap my 2.5mil credits for your zc (should be 500zc if I'm correct?) And I also have a BoxBox if you're interested in buying those right now! c:
Buying: + • 16/equiv.
: 2288
Pfp drawn by me~

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