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A Farm Furor

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LadyJess's AvatarLadyJess
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Want to see all characters? Or some info on how this story works? Then click me! Prologue: A Shady Surpise Ring...Ring...Ring...Click "Hello? Oh. It's you. Yeah, I wonder why I'm not happy to hear you. In case it's not obvious, you guys were wrong. And no, I'm not intrested. Whatever shady stuff you guys are pulling, I'm don't wanna get involved. I'm perfectly fine getting by with my farm and my pokemon. This is my therapy and I won't have you-" ...What's the catch. Don't play dumb with me, there's always a catch with you two. What's with this? ...You what?! Are you crazy?! You could've hurt them! Or worse! You always pull this crap! You think you're above all that crap and innocents get hurt! Why the hell do you think I tried to get away?! I refuse to to get involved. Hell no." ...Oh don't give me that. You can't pretend that you suddenly care about these 'poor pokemon' when you guys had no problem subjecting them to whatever weird experiments you guys did. ...Oh, it's while they were in eggs? Yeah you're not making this better for yourself. ...Like I said, I'm no longer being your poster child. I'm not getting invloved You can stick your gift right up your- ....sigh Fine. I will take care of your lab rats. But this can't be traced back to me. Got it? Good. ...Wait I never-click!...Oh god damn it." She puts the phone down in the reciver, and leans back into her desk chair, rubbing her temples. "As usual, I'm stuck cleaning up their messes." She sighs, before resuming the paper work she was doing, although it's clear she's "Agh...But those poor guys...They don't deserve to suffer because of their twisted ambitions..." She drags the hand that isn't holding her pen down her face "Still...This a new level of messed up, even for them...What the hell are they planning?" "And why do I get the feeling this isn't the end of this?" It's dark in here...I can't see. I can tell this isn't home. It's so small. Is anyone there? What is going on? We're moving? Where's my friends? Why am I h- ....I think we stopped. Ah...It's so bright...
Psst, check out my fanfiction based on my farm. Icon is offical art, drawn by Animela.
LadyJess's AvatarLadyJess
LadyJess's Avatar
Kumadori has no idea what the heck is going on. All he remembers was going to sleep next to his mother and waking up in....well, he's not exactly sure. It's hard to see, the only light being from the holes high up on side wall. He's in a crate, and from the looks of it he's not the only one. He can make out other crates of various sizes. I gotta get out of here...Maybe If I just...He gets up, heading to the the front of his crate, up to the metal grate. Now that he's closer Kuma can get a better view of his surroundings. There's more crates than he thought and not only that he finally reconizes where he is. It's a truck, well he thinks it is. He's seen them from the outside, but remembers the same holes at the top at the metal ones he saw back home. Homesickness aside, he's gotta get out of here, he can think more about home after he gets the heck out here. Kuma sticks his paw out the grate, trying to get a foot, or rather paw-hold, on the latch. He does but struggles to get it open. Damn. Well that's gonna work. What should- His thoughts are cut off by a sudden stop. It catches him off guard, cause him to stumble and fall onto his front. The truck has stopped. He stands back up, slightly annoyed. Before he can complain however, the back of the truck opens, flooding the area with light. Kumadori goes back to the front, trying to better see the source of light. It's hard to make out. He presses his ear to the door, trying to hear anything. He can barrely make out two voices. He pouts, escape so close yet so far. He taps his front paw against the floor of the crate, trying to think of a plan. Now that it's brighter he can see everything a lot clearer. Kumadori glances at his paw, now realizing he's on another crate. This gives him an idea. Hmm...well what could go wrong? He stands up, walks to the back edge wall of his crate....and throws himself against the front. It works, moving his crate slightly. Yes! This might work! He continues to do this, until he finally knocks his crate off the bigger one!... ....Only for it to crash on the floor. He ends up sprawled on the bottom of the crate, which is actually the back of the crate. Ow...Okay, in hindsight this wasn't a smart idea. He rubs his head with his paw, wincing. I-His train of thought is cut off by having his crate lifted up. He was so caught up in his regrets he didn't notice one of the voices outside had come in and picked up his crate. "You're a fiesty one aren't you?" He's lifted up, coming face to face with a feminine looking individual. They look him over while taking him and his crate outside "Hmm...You don't look injured." "Miss! Be careful we don't know-" "Yes yes, I know but he's not like the rest." He's lowered down, crate held close to the person's chest. They continue "The victims have clear symptoms, he doesn't. I was told I was getting some 'gifts', he's one of them." "Are you sure-" "Are you going to do your job and move the crates or stand here and waste time? I know what I'm doing." The other person doesn't respond, just does as they ask. "Now what to do with you. Hmm...Ah, Vishnu. Come here." "Yes Miss?" "I need to get the other settled, but it's not fair for him to wait. I would do it myself but he's right. I don't know what to expect with the rest. Can you show him around?" "I can do it Miss!" "Thanks Helios, but you're better at subduing unruly mons than Vishnu. No offense." "None taken, she's right Helios. You stay, I'll do it." "Well...okay." "Perfect. Now Helios, hold this for a second." Kumadori feels his crate being moved again. As soon as the other holds it, a pair of hands enter his view. They quickly open the latch, making Kuma slightly jealous. But before he can really think about the feelings the hands are reaching in. He immediately goes curls up in the corner of it. It doesn't stop the hands, one going under his chest and the other on his back before attempting to pull him out of the crate. In a last ditch effort, he sticks his claws into the floor of the crate to try and prevent himself from being removed. It's for naut, only achiving leaving scatch marks in the plastic surface. "There we are. You really are a fiesty one." Kuma looks at his 'captor'. It's the same person who first looked him over. Next to him is a zoroark. Or at least he thinks it is. He's seen one before, one of the staff at his old home had one, but aren't they supposed to be red? This one is purple. "Are we sure he's safe?" Kuma turns his head to look at the voice only to stiffen. The mon who's holding his crate is one he doesn't reconize. But they have claws, sharp teeth, wings, a fire tail and in general looks terrifing. "Yes. And even if he wasn't look at him. He's not gonna be a problem for ether of you." Kumai scoffs, insulted. He doesn't say anything when he's passed over. "If anything happens, tell me. Got it?" The wrong color zoroark, who Kuma know knows is Vishnu, nods. "Good. Now come one Helios. Let's get this over with." The two head back to the truck as the zoroakr walks forward, taking Kumadori to his new home.

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