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Am i allowed to make a post about shiny odds?

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Ozprey's AvatarOzprey
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so i was trying to figure out how sei's shiny bonus worked and i was like "well i can do the maths on it to calculate the actual numbers so i know what it all means" and then I was like "well if I'm going to do that i should make a guide post for it just to be polite for everyone else too so they don't all have to do the maths as well." but then when i was researching the shiny information the wiki said base shiny odds are kept hidden because of people who don't understand how percentages work getting confused by them. so i thought I'd check to see if i was allowed to make a post doing the maths for shiny percentages with sei's bonus before I actually did anything. Is it something I shouldn't do?
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Gilded's AvatarGilded
Gilded's Avatar
I'm not sure about the guide section part, but there's no general rule about posting about the odds! People have made their own estimates about the shiny odds before, usually in their journals That statement in the wiki about it is just in regards to "official" statements, so you won't ever see the odds listed directly on the shiny hunting page itself or by a staff member
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Ozprey's AvatarOzprey
Ozprey's Avatar
well, i figured I'd put it in the guide section because if i figure out the exact odds for each possible option, guides seems like the place to put it, because like, that's where all the helpful knowledge for the game goes, i think? like how there's pair breeding odds in there and stuff.
Niet's AvatarNiet
Niet's Avatar
I'm fairly sure I already published how Sei's bonus works. It's even used in this user-made calculator.
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Ozprey's AvatarOzprey
Ozprey's Avatar

QUOTE originally posted by Niet

I'm fairly sure I already published how Sei's bonus works. It's even used in this user-made calculator.
oh, neat! i hadn't found anything about it, maybe i was looking in the wrong place.

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