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Are dittos rare?

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RickGastly's AvatarRickGastly
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No, you can only get pidgey eggs from that pair
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Ozprey's AvatarOzprey
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ah, i see. so if you can't get ditto eggs from a ditto/other pair, and ditto/ditto won't breed, is the lab or a voucher the only way to get them at all? is that why they're rare?
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Ozprey's AvatarOzprey
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good grief. there goes my plans of ever collecting them, then.
So you can get them from the Lab and from a Supplier Voucher, but once you've unlocked the Ditto Egg voucher from ranking up (on your party page) then you'll be able to buy Ditto Eggs from the Supplier itself for like, 1.5mil credits I think!

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Ozprey's AvatarOzprey
Ozprey's Avatar
thats SO many credits, oof. I'm stuck at the moment on my rank, im shiny hunting so i can only hatch eevee eggs, which ia a real shame because im one egg off from ranking up. ah, maybe the next contest.
Mystera's AvatarMystera
Mystera's Avatar
I believe you can get them a little cheaper on a Dusky bonus day, which reduces the price of all credit sales (excluding the Market). If you sign up for Tournaments, some of them let you hatch eggs without breaking your shiny chain. The next one lets you hatch eggs from your DayCare without breaking your chain.
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Ozprey's AvatarOzprey
Ozprey's Avatar
yeah, that's how i've gotten to where i am now. I'm like, one away from master, which i think is a pretty low rank, so a lot of time to go before i get a ditto.
If you want to collect Ditto just look in people's fields if they have ditto for sale or even make a trade thread for it Most people sell them at 50zc if delta and 25zc if normal(by what I've seen), Specials normally go for about 300zc unless Melan, I don't know much about Melan ones.
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QUOTE originally posted by Ozprey

oh. but if i got one, and say, bred it with a pidgey, i could get dittos from it?

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