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AwnFox's AvatarAwnFox
AwnFox's Avatar
( New thread because previous one expired - I'll make a proper shop at some point! ) Several fields, I'm an avid shelter hunter who restocks regularly and loves to help other trainers out.


All free fields are labeled as such. Only ask for five at a time and link the ones you want. ( bbcode for linking is [url=link]text[/url] ) Deltas are one per person for rarity. Please do not ask for a delta if you are just going to DP it. I could have done that myself but I chose to save them as freebies in the hopes that they would find loving homes instead! Legendaries and fossils are one per post for rarity. Breeding pairs count as a single pokemon of your five post options. ( But please link them both, it'll make them easier to send quickly! ) If I've posted a 'sent' message in the thread you're free to request again!

other services.

Willing to shelter hunt specific berry preferences and/or natures on request! Willing to help with trade evos. ( I will not evolve your pokemon unless specifically asked to do so, I will just trade it back to you so that you can evolve it yourself for gem badges and whatnot. ) Willing to help with all totem and scour forme-change pokemon with the exception of Zygarde. It would help me out a lot if you could provide the base pokemon! When I am not currently chaining anything if there are variants or exclusives in my NUFT variant and NUFT exclusive fields that I do not have any of in my freebie fields you are free to request I breed some of their base forms! ( Please don't ask for more than three at a time though as breeding eggs from both variants and exclusives (especially exclusives) is more challenging than regular pokemon and takes far more interactions. )


IN-PROCESS. 1x female Spicy/Naughty Basculin for monca2014. 1x Tangela (/line) Spicy/Naughty or Bitter/Sassy purplepleb. 1x Spicy/Naughty Piplup (/line) for purplepleb.
COMPLETED 1x Sweet male Totodile (/line) for pixiesmiles. 1x Spicy/Naughty or Bitter/Sassy Lotad (/line) for purplepleb. 1x male Spicy/Naughty Basculin for monca2014. 1x Bitter Alolan Grimer (/line) for Vioriel.
Score: 1970
I hoard Gragons! Send me any of your unwanted lil noodle dragons~
LilypadLife's AvatarLilypadLife
LilypadLife's Avatar
Hi! May I please take these ones if that’s okay? Thank you so much! :D One Two Three Four
TRADE SHOPART SHOPJOINT ART SHOP Best little buddies sticking together :) —- Avatar by iN of my OC Sparkiiv! <3
× 149 / 500
Mareepthan's AvatarMareepthan
Mareepthan's Avatar
Could I snag these 2 :3 Overquill F. Bulba
✨Type Race Fairy :💕1,598💕 Looking For: - Legendary Summons - Boxes - Daycare passes Current Hunt: None! My Party: Art & code c. Butters
AwnFox's AvatarAwnFox
AwnFox's Avatar
both sent!
deathkora's Avatardeathkora
deathkora's Avatar
Wooper + Galvanic Wooper Hoarder 3400+ Woopers sorted by berry preference Currently collecting one of every type of delta galvanic wooper
Vioriel's AvatarVioriel
Vioriel's Avatar
Hi! Could I get these four please? 1 2 3 4
Avatar f2u by Samoubyt
skiddo's Avatarskiddo
skiddo's Avatar
Hello! Please may I adopt these Slypin? Slypin 1 Slypin 2 Slypin 3
AwnFox's AvatarAwnFox
AwnFox's Avatar
all sent!

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